Traveling Tenerife: Episode 1 - Free accommodation.

in travel •  9 months ago

All those people that are saying that living in Tenerife is expensive are liars. there is more than one way how you can find a completely free accommodation. One of these locations is Abades. The reason why you can still find free housing there is because it is very windy. It's hard to notice in the video, but even dead cat on my microphone did not help and sometimes my voice is breaking. My apologies.

Enjoy this episode and follow for more if you do. Click on a gear icon and select "source" quality for the best viewing pleasure. This one was shot entirely on Sony a6300 with a kit 16-50.

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There is an abandoned mining town I planned on taking over with my family for a while and restoring it into an off grid tourist place.


Just do it. I will visit.


The town is said to be extremely haunted by the 300 miners that died in the mines. I am sure it would become a big attraction.

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Good luck and have a great day.