Things I did in Manila and unforgettable moment with @surpassinggoogle

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Thirstday event of Couchsurfers

A fun night with traveler from different country reunited in one place for a drink and sharing travel experiences. This is the only best thing I did during my stay in Manila.The rest I did nothing cause Manila is quite big City.


Mt. Pamitinan(424meters above sea level)

The Mt. Pamitinan offers you an incredible view when you reached the summit. The very challenging experience to climbed especially for the first timer. The rock are sharp and you need to use gloves in order to protect your hands to not get hurt. I get tired from the start of the trail but never mind cause the nature gave you the best refreshment.


Okada Mall Manila

Let's say I'm not a fan of Mall then who would've thought that there's something new that I found. I've been feeling like I'm in Japan at the moment. Inside the mall has beautiful cherry blossoms in just one wink of your eyes you'll fell in love even it is just an artificial but very well done design. Calling for those cherry blossom lover must visit to this place. Okada mall has a Japanese theme.They also have a fountain show from 6:00 pm onward. If you come earlier you can go coffee shops and shopping or play Casino.


Sunset view ( SM mall of Asia)

After thinking where to go, so I end up this perfect catching of sunset at the baywalk of Mall of Asia. Many people go there to see it


Lunch with auntie's family

I'm staying at auntie house for a week without a plan. Most of the time staying in the room and sleeping. I got bored after a days so they take me somewhere and eat out. I'm just a lucky ass..Thank you for the healthy lunch :)


Steemit with cousin

I wasn't able to witness the steemsummit due to my flight schedule. But I did something to promote and discussed about steemit. I'm forever thankful for the opportunity and learning that steemit given us.


Baklaran street market

Baklaran market is really good place for a budget shopper. There's so many things to buy in here like clothes, shoes and toys. You find the latest fashion trend here and many stylish things. It's good and better if you buy retail it's way cheaper.


With @surpassinggoogle

You made my day tireless after the stressful flight delayed. No matter how did I approached you on messenger what matter most I could finally met you in person. Thank you for the chance and time. You are truly an inspiration to others. You have a beautiful soul.This is the most unforgettable moment with you. I will see you next time :)

Thank you for reading my travel story <3

Till next time :)

Love, Bella


You are super lucky and blessed to have met him Bella. Now am jealous of u.. Beautiful post.

hi darling @purpletanzanite Yes. You right. I'm so lucky:) You will meet him soon for sure he will come back. BTW! how are you doing?

Bella, it was super nice to bump into u yesaterday.. If u are around longer, lets meet na oi.

Really i wanted to see you but the time was to short and alot happened and alot of stress and travels in between. i was out all night too on Sat

There will always be a next time. This i know for sure. May God keep us all, untill then.

Wow that's truly amazing, you have an amazing blog with your travel and all and topped it with a picture with Terry it's truly amazing

hi @josediccus how are you? I've been traveling lately not so active here then. I hope you will meet sir Terry someday.

Well, happy that is rare, your spirit is amazing, you are one of the courageous women I see

@taministy thank you. Just like every women :) how are you doing?

Wow! Lucky girl. HAHA :D :D Hope to also get to see you guys one day. And heeey!!! The cherry blossoms!!! My gooosh! My eyes turned into hearts when I saw it. :D :D

hi @creyestxsa94 you are absolutely a fan of Japan. You must visit to this Mall in Manila near Resorts world. :)

Oh yess! I am a fan of those places that have beautiful cherry blossoms. :D :) Sana nga makapunta ako diyan one day. Anlayo ehh.. :D

Taga saan ka po?

Agusan del Sur po. haha. supeeeeerr malayoooo :D

wow excellent this post very beautiful .

Nice article and good photo with you and @surpassinggoogle. :)

hi @jaki01 thank you for the support. :) I'm following you. have a nice day!

Thanks, I follow you, too. :)

Thank you so much. Have a nice day!