The sweetest moment with my girlfriend in White sand dunes, Vietnam

in #travel2 years ago (edited)

The country where I met lovely people and where I felt like home. Recently, I met a lot of Vietnamese in my working place. It reminds me of good memories I have made in their country. I shared to this people that I really like their country and I wanted to go back. It would be nice. I miss the vibes in the city and the country side especially the vibes of the people. So today I posted this photo with my friend from Japan who always traveled with me outside the country. She's amazing, she's my big sister, I just don't miss the country of Vietnam but also this woman. Our trip to the white sand dunes was really adventurous, i can't imagine the humid weather in this country that made my toasted skin. We were so lucky to have this place like our own cause nobody there except us, the short stay in the middle of the sand dunes were enjoyable. We had so much fun. I got to the point that I thought I was in the white sand bar on the island. Sorry, this is just a sand dunes, a huge playground for us. A place that worth your time and worth keeping for.

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Wow!! Amazing travels @bellatravelph,
nice to see your post again. How are you?

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Hi @gerel I'm so busy working lately. Yes. I finally got back here. I'm fine. How are you?

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