Travelling is like finding yourself

in travel •  last year 


Every time I go travel I feel like I am discovering myself little by little. It is an amazing thing to meet so many different people and know their stories. You learn from them, their experience.
How is that sometimes we feel so lonely like on desert but we are actually between so many people :O

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I fully agree with You!
Captured nice lines on sand.

Thanks 😊😊

Just to add my two cents, if you please... It gets deeper, when traveling alone its the greatest thing one can trade money for. Travel unlocks the world to your soul when alone. It’s fun with others.

Yes! That's very true 😊

thats very true brother. because travelling allows us to know ourselves better to discover the world and finding ourselves. well said

Thanks!! 😊😊

Traveling is getting out of your comfort zone. And getting out of your comfort zone means to truly be alive.

Totally agree with you!! 😊😊

couldnt agree more!

Travelling is the best thing we can do to free ourselves from stress.

well said :D

I totally agree with it. That is why we all should travel from time to time and not organized.

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This picture is really great. 👍🏼

thanks! ;)