Stunning sunset in snowing mountains

in travel •  last year 


I really love this picture! It is so amazing so want to share it with you steemians :) Sunset is my favorite time in a day time I love when everything becoming grey.. and black in the end, Nights are always most beautiful in nature, outside the city you can really feel what black and dark night means. No lights no everything :)
It is so amazing to watch the stars on the sky and see them so clear not like in most of the cities where it is too bright or too polluted. What is your favorite time of the day?
Have a good day or night wherever you are!! ;) :)

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Cool post man! #05upvoted

thanks :D

Super nice one @bella89n !
feel very close of what you're saying about darker night outside the city !
have a good day too ! :)

thanks :D