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- City of Monastir

Monastir is located near the city of Sousse and about two hours from the capital of Tunis. It is one of the quiet cities not crowded with tourists. The "Mausoleum of "Bourguiba" (first republic president) is one of the most famous landmarks in this city. The mausoleum is located in the heart of the city and can be accessed free of charge. It has a range of yachts and a perfect peninsula for walking, especially in the evening, surrounded by a number of "cafés" and restaurants. The area also includes some of the best hotels in "Monastir". The castle or the "Rabat" is also an important landmark in "Monastir". Ninth century inclination DVD includes a small museum and an entry fee 7 Tunisian dinars, owns the castle stunning views of the sea and the city and turn at night to the plate lit in the very beauty.

In Monastir, there are a number of amusement parks and parks, such as Springland Park, which has fun games for children and a number of restaurants and cafes at a cost of 20 dinars. Here is the dangerous secret in Monastir. ?! Is this possible? Yes, at the three-story Fella shopping mall, with dozens of shops selling perfume, accessories, clothing, bags, shoes and other shopping treasures that can be bought for family and friends at an affordable cost, keep this secret on your next trip to Monastir

- Djerba (island)

The island of "Djerba" is one of the most famous tourist islands in North Africa. The island is divided into several areas, most notably "Djerba", "Mideon" and "Houmt" Souk. It can be reached by air. There is an airport or land with a land bridge connecting it to "Zarzis". You can book a hotel in "Djerba" which includes dozens of modern tourist resorts. One of the most famous things to see in Djerba is the art of graffiti or street painting. Graphic artists have transformed the old village of "Djerba" into a living museum and an awesome photo gallery. Enjoy watching cartoons Three-dimensional paintings on doors, windows and walls in simple rural houses have attracted the most famous international artists to showcase their talents in this village. "Djerba" is also famous for the "Qalaa" Museum, located in the famous village of Qala, an exceptional experience that displays images and forms of traditional rural life Tunisia, represented by puppets and puppies as if a village 

- Djerba Midoun

Djerba Midoun is easily accessible by taxi from Djerba city center. The area is known for its crocodile farm, which is the most crowded at around 4pm, to watch the crocodiles eat a meal with the clanking sound of its sharp teeth. A variety of restaurants, cafés and museums are available around the farm, as well as a selection of the best Djerba Midoun hotels. Djerba Meadon offers various sports activities such as camel riding, quad bikes and land tours to explore desert and oases. And take a tour of hiking approximately 4 hours at a cost of $ 30 per person.

- Djerba Houmt souk

"Houmt" Souk is a 10-minute drive from "Djerba". The area is famous for being a big bazaar and a bustling popular market with shops, alleys and traditional souks such as the Libyan Market. The souks offer various handicrafts, spices, perfumes, All of this is at an affordable price. There are also a number of markets for vegetables, fruit and fresh fish. The "Ghazi Mustafa" Tower is one of the most famous monuments in the city. It is a beautiful place to rest from the noise of markets and congestion. The Heritage Museum, which is similar to the "Qala" Museum in its design and objectives, offers rooms offering scenes of the daily life of the people of "Djerba", located next to the many hotels of "Djerba Houmt Souk" where you can stay.

- City of Sfax

"Sfax" is almost three hours south of the capital Tunis, perhaps one of the cities not known to many Arab and foreign tourists, and is therefore ideal for those interested in discovering the real life of the Tunisians away from the curiosity and noise of visitors. The old city of "Sfax" is known for its architecture and warm and popular neighborhoods. Director of the famous film "The English Patient" to film a number of scenes in this old neighborhood of "Sfax".

The markets, bazaars, restaurants and "cafés" are full of locals, a golden opportunity for shopping fans and the purchase of cheap goods. The markets offer various local products, clothing, footwear, gifts and accessories, as well as the "Diwan Café", which is like an oasis of relief from the noise and noise of the city. The "Fish Market" is a world of rich sea colors and colors, while the modern neighborhood of "Sfax", or "Bab Bahar", is characterized by its elegant architecture, with dozens of "cafés" and restaurants and the "Zaitouna" Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in "Sfax", If you are in "Sfax", do not miss the opportunity to visit one of the largest olive forests in the world, where the olive trees surround the villages of "Sfax" and especially the area of

"Shaal", you can tour the bike or car and enjoy a picnic in the fields of olive green meet with good people and get acquainted with The authentic rural life of "Sfax".

- City of Mahdia

"Mahdia" is one of the most beautiful beaches in Tunisia. The beautiful sandy beach stretches along the city and along its coast to offer hours of walking, hiking and relaxation with the dark air. And the lush turquoise water. Surrounded by the beach are a number of elegant "Mahdia" hotels, cafes and restaurants that serve the finest seafood. The old city of "Mahdia" is a fairy-tale village, silenced by the sounds of broken waves, Where the sellers offer the finest products and local manufactures at low prices, in addition to the "Grand Tower" or the Ottoman archaeological castle, which is ideal for capturing the most beautiful pictures, and you can see the "lighthouse sea" at the end of the beach which gives more inspiration and romanticism on this city, "Mahdia" in fishing ports and the existence of centers for diving and sailing.

- Port El Kantaoui

Port "El Kantaoui" is located near the city of "Sousse", one of the most famous tourist areas and ports in Tunisia. It has dozens of hotels and luxury resorts. It is also a favorite destination for families due to the many gardens and parks suitable for the whole family. 9:00 am to 5:00 pm The price of the ticket is 30 dinars per person. The park has a large swimming pool and a number of high water slides. There are also restaurants and free parking. "Hanibal Park" is very crowded during the summer months. Games, theater, cinema and small zoo, as well as the marina, which houses dozens of restaurants, "cafés" and private places for barbecues.If you are not in a hurry to return to the hotel in Port "El Kantaoui" or the city of "Sousse", we advise you to travel on the tourist train available in Port "El Kantaoui", a cheap way to travel between the marina and the city of "Sousse", with a round trip cost of 3 dinars and a quiet journey of about 20 minutes. To see the sea, the city and the souks, and remember to return on the train of the same color you chose to go. The train consists of three colors (yellow, blue and green), choose your favorite color to move with fun and entertainment.

- Sidi Boussaid

Sidi Boussaid is about half an hour's drive from the capital Tunis and you can plan to visit it while you are in the capital. This village is famous for fairy tales and myths. Sidi Bou Said is a small village on a high hill overlooking the sea, It is a homogenous white color with blue windows and doors. The houses look like they are lined up on one another, with narrow alleyways and corridors that visitors feel like in another world. The village also houses shops and stalls selling souvenirs, antiques, paintings and handmade gifts.One of the most famous landmarks of Sidi Bou Said is what is known as the "Nejma Zahra" palace, which shows the manifestations of love and beauty reflected in its decorations, angles and ruins. Today it has turned into a museum that displays musical instruments and organizes concerts of classical and Arabic music. In Sidi Bou Said to a picnic of the soul and body, where the cafes with breathtaking views of the sea, tried the cafe "Sidi Shebaan" and will not be filled with the view of the beach and the blue water playing with the village dreaming of the most beautiful melodies of love and garnish, an excellent place for an evening evening with shisha and tea cup Which floats on The face of delicious hazelnut beads. So staying or booking a hotel in Sidi Bou Said is a must when visiting Tunisia, so do not miss this experience.

- Zarzis

You can take a trip to Zarzis while you are on the island of Djerba. It is about 44 km away from the island. It is rich in archaeological and historical sites and museums. Zarzis has long sandy beaches that stretch for several kilometers. The most important activities that can be done are safaris and bicycling The restaurant is one of the most beautiful places on the beach. The restaurant serves Tunisian specialties in the open air in comfortable Arabian tents and tents with a tranquil sea view.

- Tozeur

The Oasis of Tozeur is located in southwestern Tunisia in the Western Desert. It is a destination for visiting oases and surrounding towns such as Qabli, Nafta, Douz and Tataouine. Tourism in Tozeur differs from other Tunisian cities and regions. It is also amazing that one finds himself in a distant and isolated world like a traveler to another planet. This surprise begins with Shatt al-Jarid, one of the strangest natural phenomena in the Tunisian desert. This is a vast place filled with water in winter and turns into piles of salt in summer. Nature and Wonderland Box in Tozeur Dozens of green oases are like precious pearls in the arid desert belly, the most famous of which are the teapots and tributaries, where waterfalls, clear springs and palm forests shade restaurants and safari tents.

Close to the blizzard, the surprise of which you may not know much, is the site of a movie of the famous Star Wars series, where the caves and houses with the wondrous domes are like a journey between the stars and other worlds. One of the interesting things in Tozeur is also to visit the Museum of Natural Plants, The Eden takes you on a tour of the reserve and then purchases dates, food, jams and books of agriculture in the museum and shop adjacent to the garden, all at a cost of 6 dinars per person.

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