Dreams Come True Beyond Imagination

in travel •  2 months ago

After several years of building a relationship with my best friend through social media, we were divided by thousands of miles and vast oceans. My wife wasn't an easy catch I had to fight to win her heart, but love is worth fighting for! Nothing could separate us from our deep longing to be together and growing love for one another. Being from America I never could have imagined I'd end up on the other side of the World in beautiful South East Asia. My wife's Indonesian, she was raised in very impoverished circumstances. I made a promise to her that I would give her a better life. I chose to make a sacrifice leaving the comforts of prosperity to live in a third world country so I could be with the one I love and fulfill the greatest dream and desire of my heart, knowing that in spite of our conditions being with her would make me the wealthiest man on Earth. The challenges we've faced has only brought us closer together and made our love grow stronger. We know that there's no mountain too high to climb, no difficulty or obstacle we may face, that as long as we have each other we can conquer anything! We've now been blessed with a beautiful baby boy looking optimistically forward to the future on this new adventure as a family. On our Honeymoon we found this gorgeous coral when walking down German Beach in Bali. I named it,IMG20170717070103.jpg The Rose of the Sea!

Thank you for sharing our Journey,

Rebecca & Christopher

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