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Star trails can add a new dimension to your dark-sky time-lapses. This photo was created from stacking 120+ photos from a time lapse in order to create the star trail shot.

Cactut lapse23cc.gif

Here is time-lapse in small format to allow for quicker load times


This shows how dramatic you can make the trails depending on how much you stack and if you use a longer trail mode.



Do you like star trail photography or do you prefer single shots without trails?

30 Seconds per exposure with 3 second delay between photo = 33 seconds x 123 photos for time-lapse
ISO 1600

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It’s great to see your signature post of stars again after very long time….

These are really amazing photography. Really great works! I myself like both versions. Well done! ;)


Thanks @tangmo its interesting to see who continues to post when things are in decline. I appreciate your support as always and so happy you are a fan of my photography.


It's my pleasure! ;)

Very nice shots @azfix
I like star trails, they look like hundreds of meteorites.


The stacking software I use has a meteor option to make things even more dramatic.


In this case you are using DeepSkyStacker? I now that this tool also has a meteor/comet option.


That is the one

I love these! How long of an exposure time do you usually do? 120 photos at... 1 second a photo?
loving the stars and the cactus (the desert and the cosmos) favorites for sure!


30 second exposures with 3 seconds between shots for a total of 33 seconds per exposure x123 images. Time-lapses usually take a long time especially dark sky time-lapses.

The second last is my favorite.

If i counted correctly, the first trail photo is a product of around 1hour of shooting. Quite cool =)

I was waiting for more posts from you, even tho i am "inactive" as well :)

I like it, this is my first time to see a post like yours about the star trail photgraphy. The drama photos is really amaze me. Good job, keep it up friend 😊