Ayub National Park, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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Ayub Nation Park commonly known as Ayub Park is one of the finest parks in Islamabad. It is named after the President and General Ayub Khan, covers an area of 2.300 acres and located on Jehlum Road.


It is a well-maintained park with big parking area had a lake with boating facility, a lot of adventurous rides, snake house, food stalls, mystery house, Jungle World (a big zoo with a variety of birds and animal) and an Army Heritage Museum.

Here I am sharing some clicks of my visit to the park for you all.

Beautiful Lake


Sculpture in the memory of APS martyrs.


Another Sclpture

Mystery House

Jungle World (Zoo)

Walls of the Jungle World <3

Giraffe Sculpture outside the Zoo.

Inside the Jungle World <3

Reeves Pheasant
Reeves Pheasant.jpg

Yellow Pheasant
yellow pheasant.jpg

Golden Pheasant
golden pheasant.jpg

White Pheasant

Macaw Parrots
multicolor macaw parrot.jpg


White Cockatoo
white cockatoo.jpg


Dybowski Deer
dybowski deer.jpg

White Siberian Tiger
white siberian tiger.jpg

African Grey Crowned Crane
african grey crowned crane.jpg

Way to Snake House

Sleeping Black Beauties :P

Last but not the least... Me with the Snake :D OoOoOooo!!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed it :) Please comment, upvote and resteem if you think its worth it.

Have a great time!

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Such an informative post.

Thank u

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Thank u so much :)

Waow! Definitely I have to plan a visit whenever I will be visiting Islamabad.
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Thank u :) its a must visit place.

Sure :)

Wow! I've been to Rawalpindi quite a lot but never got to visit this park. Looks like it's about time that I do. Thank you!

Thanks :) its a very nice place to visit the food and the greenery and rides everything is great.

Get very beautiful and Natural feelings when you visit this park

Yeah its such a nice place.

good place to visit. nice photo-shot. good work . keep it up

Thank u for the appreciation :)

Nice post, upvoted! I have to visit this park next time I visit Rawalpindi :)

Thank u :) its one of the best places to enjoy in Rawalpindi.

nice post

Thank u :)

boht zabardast place hai ye... nice post...