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I don't usually post blurry images but god forgive me I love these for the memory it holds. It was taken from the top of the mountain. I remember holding the camera in that freezy weather. It was 11 PM and it was -6 on top of the mountains. I am not used to very cold intense weathers but this surely was an amazing experience. We walked for a few miles and reached the top of the mountain. Filled with pot plants LOL!!

The only light we had came from the moon and trust me with silence and that view into the abyss, there was nothing more we wanted. Nature had just made us too happy.Just wanted to get lost in that view.

Gargi is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to with a very low population of over 100 people. The village is located on top of manikaran, It's about a 3 hours trek from the foothill. You got a hang-out cafe and a few old houses.


Why do I like these blurry dull images so much you ask?

As I said we were on top of the mountain and all we had was the moonlight to guide us nothing else, not even a torch light. So I began taking high exposure photos and surprisingly the camera could see better than us.What are photographs? They are time frozen images of a memory. It doesn't matter if its blurry, all that matters is what it reminds me of when I look at it 20 years down the lane. For me, these images hold the essence from that beautiful night. It is one of those days I will cherish forever.

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Your post name perfectly describes my main love for photography. I have a terrible memory. So I take as many photos as I can on our vacations or escapades and then I'll just go through my site and it brings it all back. I tell some of the kids that I work with, enjoy life, because once you hit your early 20's, it's going to go by like a Blur.

Also, beautiful photos by the way


and for my old self on a rocking chair xP

these images hold the essence from that beautiful night.

Thats all what matters.

you were pretty lucky you know, a mountain filled with pot plants is someting you dont see often. you could have enjoy some natural joints (blunts) right there haha


It was an intense night with nature herself.
but ya we had a few intense chilam hits on our way to the top!! LOL!!

The pictures catches the atmosphere. It's means the most, I think.


Exactly why I love it so much. When I look at this picture,it just takes me to that moment.


I understand that very well. Thats why i love to be out hiking, experience the amazing nature around us in shifting light and conditions :-)


I feel you mate! where are you from?


I am from northern Norway, a city called Narvik. And you?

Dude it is not always about the shot!

The memory is what lasts, especially in a trip like this one...looks good man!


Exactly!! I dono what I was afraid of xP

Gorgeous @awakeningartist! Especially the second image!


thank you :)

Beautiful work,Sir.
Nobody cares if it's blurry or not
Only the memories certainly matters


thank you stephen!

Its all about our passion


yup most of it is :)

Blurry maybe so but Dull definitely not😀


Glad you enjoyed it

Muy interesante Hermano Espiritual, gracias por compartirlo, saludos desde VENEZUELA!

all that matters is what it reminds me of when I look at it 20 years down the lane. I like that, Its a big part of life.


Yup it is. That is what will fill your soul later on in life :)