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Hello friends,
I traveled 2 years ago in Antalya. This was where I went on my honeymoon. Antalya is a hot sector for holiday living in Turkey. The sea is beautiful. We stayed in an excellent hotel. There was some air that looked like an ancient construction ☺ I will give you information about our wonderful hotel at the end of my writing. Please read to the end ☺

Ancient theater - f4 -1/160 -ISO100

Anyway, my visit was a small trip to the "Aspendos Ruins" that impressed me the most. When we could not benefit from the sea because of the rain, we took ourselves to historical places.☺ We rented a taxi and set off. First of all Aspendos Ruins are open every day between 08: 00-17: 00. Aspendos Ancient City is not only Anatolia, but the best preserved city of the entire Mediterranean World. And he has hosted Roman theater. It is a very famous city in this respect. The most popular attraction in the ancient city is theater and ancient water arch. As far as I'm concerned, I will try to explain other things. I need to add that there is no information other than the name of the buildings in the signposts in the ancient city. This is my worst criticism. If you do not have a guide with you or you do not have a source, your job is very difficult. You will not find any information about the constructions you see.


Ancient theater

It is the Aspendos Theater, known as one of the best preserved antique theaters in the world. It is located on the slope of a small hill located in the area. The building, which was built by devoting to the gods and emperors, was designed by Zenon, the son of Theodoros. This magnificent theater, attracting attention with its awesome acoustics, has a capacity of 15-20 thousand people.
Theater, Seljuks, used as a mansion. In the Byzantine era used for rituals. Over time, it was abandoned to its own fate and began to take up grass and workHe gave a directive during his visit to Ataturk in Aspendos in 1930. "To be repaired and reused, but never to lock the door." It has been very effective in the protection of Aspendos. Immediately after the visit of Ataturk, the theater was taken care of with great care.
Ancient theater - f16 -1/50 -ISO100 - 16mm

MS 1.-2. It is a structure dated to centuries. In the Hellenistic period, a typical Roman basilica was built on the Market building on the eastern edge of the Agora, during the Roman period. Depending on the purpose of this construction, some ideas about the function of the Hellenistic Market building can also be carried out. It may have been rearranged from the Hellenistic period to the model of a city connected to the Roman empire.

Basilica 1/8000 -ISO50- f2.8

Monumental Fountain
Obviously I have not seen any information about this building but I am sure it is a monumental fountain. To the north of the square is 35 meters long and 15 meters high, with a wall and three cells separated by two caves. a monumental fountain building apparently was once completely covered with marble columns and is decorated with a two-storey architecture.
Monumental Fountain - f2.8 - 1/1000 - ISO50

Parliament building
It lies just behind the Monumental Fountain. In the past, this type of consultation council called "Bouleuterion".
Atatürk visited here and encouraged the use of the building "preserved".It is very valuable among historical places. Some restoration work has been done. And it has been preserved until these years.My husband and I spent most of our day here. And he was tired. In fact, we are talking about structures built on rugged hills, not on a flat area.I can say it's the perfect place.

Parliament Buildingf 4 - 1/2000 - ISO50

Like everywhere, there is also a story of Aspendos Antique Theater. The king of Aspendos had a beautiful daughter at that time and everyone wants to marry her. But the king will announce to the people, because he did not know that he would make a decision.
'' I will give her my daughter if she makes the most useful and beautiful thing for our people, our city. ''
In this case, two great works come out, and these two works reveal two twin brothers.One of these works is the aqueducts that brought water to the town, built and built as a result of a terrific geometric calculation from miles away from the city. The other is the acoustically best theater of the time and the world where the sound is heard even from the top when metal money is thrown in the orchestra. The architecture is also Zenon.
After seeing the aqueducts, the king would like to give his daughter an aqueduct, but then when he enters the theater he hears a sound as he sails up the theater. Sound, I must take the king's daughter, she should give it to me. The king, admired by this acoustics, decides to give her daughter to architect Zenon. The king gives his daughter the architect who makes the theater, but it's not that simple. First of all, both of them decide to divide the girl into two in order to provide justice as she likes it. However, the architect who made the aqueduct is drawn away from her because of her love for the girl. So she stays at the theater. She was right. Their wedding is held in the theater.
Aspendos recommendations will go to
get a museum card before you go. savuşturuy saying they do not often link at the box office.

-The parking fee varies between 5 and 7,5 liras. sometimes free. Depends on the psychology of the parking attendant.
there is not much alternative as food. There are places selling pie and pancake before coming to the ancient city. you will have trout restaurants when you continue for 2 km to the left from the ancient city car park. There is also a picnic area at the end of that road. but very small. Keep in mind nonetheless.
-There is a bridges bridge on the right side of the road from serik to Aspendos. region right aspendos bridge says. 700 is an annual bridge. It was built on köprüçay. although it is very far from being an ancient bridge with the recent restorations, it is worth taking a 10 minute break.
it is beneficial to wear a sneaker-style shoe in the ancient theater or in the ancient city for constant climbing and descaling.
-You should go to Belkis village when you arrive to Aspendos. The orange gardens of the village are very beautiful. peasants are selling oranges in the village square. orange and quality. If you can not find one selling, plunge into one of the gardens. Do not hesitate. Here guests and tourists loving, full of locals :)
-Recommendation When returning from Aspendos, do not stop in your small village house pavilions without eating and eating pancakes. Most importantly, try to participate in a cultural activity in this wonderful atmosphere of Aspendos.

Let's come to the topic I mentioned first!
Xanadu Resort Hotel
I recommend to friends who want to stay in Antalya ☺
It meets your sea, pool and food needs very well. And there is a lake within the boundaries of the hotel. It covers a very large area. It has a space where you can enjoy nature and nature!

The sea is as flat and stable as the bed sheets in good weather. And beautiful. But if you get caught in bad weather like us, it's choppy and cold! ;There are many large pools. There are lots of fun activities. I'll show you a couple of hotel photos. Photographs from the same angle day and night! this was the view from the balcony of my hotel room :)



But the center and away from the areas to be visited. If you are traveling to places outside of Antalya, you should know that your private car is vital. It was raining for a week, although the weather was not very cold on our dates. I've seen as much rainfall in my life as I've never seen it. That's why we did not swim too much. The most fun, they sit on the balcony we watch the lightning!


I am not very experienced in traveling articles. But I hope you find it useful.I hope this article will attract the attention of tour lovers and support me. Maybe thanks to your support I can travel more!


Ben Ceren ,

All photos , story and drawings are belongs to me. @originalcontent - @originalworks If you like my works please resteem and upvote.. Thank you for your support and valuable comments on my art.

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