Portugal Video Tour - Sight-seeing (with @timcliff)

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but videos are worth even more! Here is a small sampling of footage from our trip to Portugal (for Steemfest), showcasing different parts of the city, a castle, and a church we visited. (I plan on posting larger photos of various parts of our trip in the future.)

Enjoy! :)

Thanks for watching! :)

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Great tour!

What a treat to be able to share in your country through the magic of Steemit! Thanks a lot!!!

Namaste :)

Did some of this feel as mystical as it looks?

It makes me think back to who use to stand (or sit) there so many years ago.

I thought the same thing - imagining what the places were like when they were still in daily use (not for tourism).

this is a beautiful country and lisbon is a multicultural city with a lot of feature, i love the historical architecture and buildings . this is truly amazing

Amazing footage @artist1989 and @timcliff!!! i love how intimate the video portrays the whole trip.

The most interesting of all the video for me are the historical places, especially the castles. I like the mediaval theme of one and the one that revolves between the Gothic and Renaissance.

Beautiful video. Amazing buildings.

it looks good to know you were in steemfest.

what an amazing place this is!! just speechless
most welcome....

wow seems like you are having fun great to see you after a long time :D

nice photo! wish i could also visit that place. :)

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really nice video I like this..

Portugal is a good place..... I live in Portugal :)

nice post

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