Beauty at my doorstep - Monsal Head, Bakewell, UK.

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I woke up yesterday morning so excited, I was like a young child on their way to Disneyland...Being that I'm now 40-years old, the thought of actually going to Disneyland brings me out in a cold sweat but fortunately for me I wasn't going anywhere near there. Instead, my excitement was the result of a much more sophisticated and refined excursion. Oh yes, darlings, I orf out on a day trip to Bakewell, an English town were the birds sing in unison and all you get from the cold water taps is Dom Perignon.

The town of Bakewell is situated in the Peak district, a place of rolling green hills, thick endless woods and winding valleys. Besides the amazing vistas, Bakewell is also famous for creating an exceedingly good cake, known as a Bakewell Tart. Whilst visiting Bakewell, I also noticed there were quite a few pubs, probably 1 for each farmer who lives here, and with all that in mind I'd say Bakewell is a blooming nice place to live.

With everything there is to see here and only one afternoon in which to see it, we had to choose wisely as to what part of Bakewell we would visit.

As it turned out, we chose to visit Monsal Head, a walkers paradise in anyone's book.


So, with my camera in hand and my Phantom drone tucked away in the car for later, we set off down the valley...


There are several trails you can follow and I imagine each one has it own treasures waiting to be discovered. I'd like to think that we chose the best trail of all. After crossing the old railway bridge(The one in the picture above) we took a left turn and headed for the stream that cuts through the hills. After we vanished from view in the picture above we came across our first treasure...


The sound of the water tumbling onto the rocks below coupled with the panoramic paradise that surrounds you is nature's theatre at it's finest and gifts a perfect symphony for the senses. To walk by without taking a moment should be considered a crime.

The stream continues on and then hides itself around another corner, as if to purposely try and maintain a state of wonderment and curiosity, and with steep imposing hills either side of us we seemed to be lured further downstream.


Like the railway bridge we crossed before entering the valley, this place has a long history and the extent of the story that is told depends on how far you're willing to travel...


All around you there are things to excite your imagination and while some things are impossible to miss others are hidden away and require a keen eye before they reveal themselves.


To me, this is just part of an unfortunate lamb's jaw, but to a young boy this could quite possibly be the fossil of an undiscovered dinosaur, who am I to argue...Anyway, I like his version better and this allowed our imaginations to carry themselves away while we walked back to where we came from.


Our car was parked at the top of the hill and I swear down that those steps weren't as steep when we were on our way down! Fortunately, I had something spurring me on to reach the top...Time to fly my drone!!


This was the perfect way to finish our adventure and being able to get an aerial view of the whole valley is just too much for words. Lucky for you, I made this video 😃 Enjoy!

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Peace to you and yours, as always! See you next time.

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