Pakistan Diaries #41 - Rung (Color) Party!

in #travel7 years ago

This is basically a party where people play with colors. Everyone is super friendly and nice and just having fun. Think of it as a rave with loads of colors being thrown on each other.

It's very similar to the Hindu festival known as "Holi" except that this party can happen on any day if there are people willing to have fun!

To add on to the fun, people even dress up as their favorite characters (cosplay!) whether it's from a TV show or from real life. It's Hilarious to see Mario and luigi having a sumo-fight in the middle in a pit of wet paint. The day was exhausting and the only down side is that I will now have to wash out paint for weeks :/



I've seen holi celebration in Agra, India. It was nice ;) Take a look at my post from India trip - maybe it will encourage you to visit also that country (if you haven't beed there yet ;))

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