We saw so much that day!

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On our second day in Kruger National Park, we started out early, hoping to see as much as we could.

 An early breakfast:

We were sad to leave our lovely little brick camp cottage. But after clearing up and washing our breakfast dishes, we took to the road. 

First we drove north for a bit, and then along the Matjulu Loop road. This is what the scenery was like in Kruger park, along road that stretch of road. 


How to easily find & see wildlife:

You have to remember, wild animals and birds are so well camouflaged, that they’re not easy to find.  You see, when you’re in wildlife reserve parks, the trick is not to just look at the scenery and see the obvious. But to, carefully look in between and through the bush and trees for the wild animals, birds, etc. It’s a technic you have to practice it until it becomes second nature to you. 

So we drove slowly so we would be able stop if we saw anything interesting. And we did. 

First a solitary elephant.

He was easy to see of cause. Elephants are so big you can’t miss them. He was stand up on a higher level, on our left, not far from the road.

You can see he wasn’t worried about us. The elephant was more concerned with what it was doing. He or she must have been eating the tiny new spring leaves on the bush! 

Lucky spot to stop:

And also across the road from him, on our right, and below the road, was these two giraffe: 

If you look very carefully in the first photo, you will see just the top of the head of the second giraffe, on the left of the photo. It was coming to eat with the first giraffe on the right. 

Watercolour painting of the road ahead:

We stopped at one point and saw this lovely scene: 

(I used the bubble effect technic to create this watercolour painting. I will tell you how to do this technic in the next blog.) 

Aaah and some Impala buck.

Have you ever noticed how there is always one or two alert adult bucks in the pack. They stand guard and will warn the rest of the pack if they think a lion or leopard is creeping up on their herd.   


You must wonder why I show so many photos of the same animals or herd?! It’s because I want you to feel like you’re on the game drive right there with us. And see what we saw, as the animals moved and mingled in sequence of activity in the bush. 

Next week’s blog:

So much more to see that day, that I’ll have to continue showing you them in my next week’s travel blog. 

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Wow look like you had an amazing day, looking forward to hear more


Glad you enjoyed. Hope you continue to enjoy what we saw and did, each day through the Kruger park.

Wao wonderful trip,Kruger park is so big and wonderful park,You are so enjoying your trip,Elephants looks so beautiful,Elephants are so large animal,Really such a wonderful water colour painting,Very impressive painting,Impala buck looks so beautiful,Many ampala buck are there,Thanks for sharing your great trip,I always enjoy your travel trip,


Yes the Kruger park is very big. And the scenery changes depending on the terrain and grass fires during the dry winter.

Amazing painting @artguru. Your painting looks more beautiful than the scene itself.


Thank you so much. As artists, I must say we take a few advantages and drum up our colours and use contrast to give our paintings some depth. That is what is so wonderful about been an artist, creativity gives you a feel of excitement and power over what you are painting!

Early to bed early to rise makes a man Health and wealthy wise.i think you find out some cute and bravery animal in your National park journey, also you enjoy it?? @artguru dear

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I think perhaps wealth is the ability to see beauty in the normal mundane things. Not to take things for granted, but to live each day with joy in your heart, no matter what other people are doing or what your environment is like.


You are absolutely right @artguru , i think if you are lead adventure life you will lead your life happy with glad,

No illness and so hearty sadness fell.thanks dear

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Yes. Treating life like going on an adventure every day, even if you are just sitting at home in front of your computer!


Now days we are passing our valuable time just using computer or gaming with browsing. Its should be avoid so quickly and try to exercise for make good health, if we are able to task so we are must able to lead sickness free life. Thanks sir @artguru for your best suggestion

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Really a very wonderful trip well done choosing the place
I wish you the best times
Really beautiful pictures my friend


We didn't choose the place. Our daughter knew we needed a holiday at the time, and organized everything.
My camera isn't so fancy as yours. But serves my needs as an artist.
I went to your Steemit site and was very impressed with your photographic work!
So I felt your praise was indeed something to boost my moral.


Thank you
I wish you the best time, my friend

Oh my goodness - WOW. I missed your previous post, but that’s incredible, Kruger must be one of the most special places. I would love to see African elephants in the wild, how amazing. I must go to work now but I will catch up properly on this post and your previous one later. Have a great time


Hope you enjoy our whole trip through the Kruger National Park. I use the same icon image for the same topic, so they are easy to catch up on.

You have gathered some wonderful memories and also you got some stuff to paint! :)
I think the animals have a great sense of feel than we humans. They get to know at every little drop of noise. This is the way they protect themselves.


You are right. Just to watch their behaviour up close is a profound experience.

Am such you had some much fun. Wish to go on a game drive someday

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Not everyone can travel or go in wildlife reserves like Kruger National Park.
For me, to just sit under a tree outside my home and watch wild bird behaviour is fantastic.
I used to have a hammock and lie in it and look up into the tree foliage and watch the birds looking down at me is something I miss a lot. I have looked around at the shops to buy a new hammock, but these days they don't make or sell them anymore. So sad!!

Amazing Kruger National Park. Flocks of elephants, impala, oil paintings, and narratives are all extraordinary collaborations. Ready to wait for the next surprise ...


That was what was so exciting about driving through Kruger park. If you don't rush and move slowly and stop every now and again and just wait, you see more than if you drive fast and expect the animals to pose for you!

very intiristing and very nice place and very beautiful painting


Thank you. I always take a camera with me, hoping I will get something to paint.

Hello South Africa! Incredibly, it is impossible to find in other parts of the world such as the Kruger park. Exclusive! Can't wait for the next post ...

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤



Thanks for re-posting my watercolour painting. Did you notice the dark patches on the sides of the road, in the foreground? That is suppose to be elephant dung!!

Great😁! How lucky are you to see those animals so close, I have no doubt that it was an excellent trip, I enjoyed your story and your photos.

My dear Mam @artguru I can only say that it's incredible, awesome and fabulous.
Yes Mam it's seems that I am there just infront of these beautiful and grand wild animals.
Thank you dear mam for your artwork you presented here it's alomt very memorable moment of our life.

God bless you dear Mam.