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           Malang city Famous as a city that has many tourist sites, such as the hometown of colorful jodipan.


The colorful village is a new tourist attraction in Malang City, which will make Malang as the main tourist destination, not only as a transit city or a resort for a trip to Batu City or Malang Regency. The tourists who come to the city of Malang can set aside time to visit this brand-new attraction.

Colorful hamlet is located at Jalan IR. H. Juanda, Kelurahan Jodipan, Blimbing District, Malang City. The residents of Jodipan Village - RW 02 - RT 06, 07 and 09 or better known as the Juanda Village, are the locations of the houses that are painted in these colors.

The origin of the hometown of color

The idea of ​​early colorful villages in the city of Malang is initiated by a group of students who are doing public relations (PR) Communication Studies University of Muhammadiyah Malang. This practice is the task of PR II subject that obliges students to organize an event as well as management event by holding an institution or company.

A group of 8 students consists of Dinni Anggraeni, Nabila Firdausyiah, Ira Yulia Astutik, Salis Fitria, Ahmad Wiratman, Fahd Afdallah Ramadan, Wahyu Fitri and Elmi Rukhiatun. They named this group GuysPro (Guys of Public Relations), the group's activity (related to the colorful village), These students want the Juanda village in Jodipan which has been known to be a slum cleaner and can change the behavior of citizens about sanitation and habits of residents who often throw garbage in the river. Dipilhnya Juanda village because the location can be seen directly from the bridge Embong Brantas Jalan Gatot Subroto, so when finished in the paint, will be an interesting scene. This colorful village inspiration comes from the colorful plaid house in Favela Village, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Spot Interesting in colorful

This colorful village in Malang is very interesting, quite a lot of cool spots to make your selfie or wefie photo background. Starting from the bridge Embong Brantas with the background of the village of Juanda, in the narrow alleys of residential neighborhoods resembling a labyrinth to the pink and plain sky blue walls are quite attractive to tourists as their photo background. Based on my exploration results in jodipan tourist village .

1. Embong Brantas Bridge


Anyone who crossed the bridge Embong Brantas located about 500 meters south of the station Malang city is certainly going to be stunned at the sight of a row of colorful buoys on the east of the bridge. No wonder many tourists love the view from this bridge that can see the whole Kampong Warna Warni Jodipan and Kampung Tridi Kesatrian next to it.

People who just pass by vehicles usually slow down the pace of their vehicle to see this spectacular scenery. Coupled with tourists who menjubeli bridges cause congestion can not be avoided, especially during the crowded hours.

2. Floor and Towing Colorful


This spot location is located just below the bridge Embong Brantas (southern tip). If from the entrance (entrance fee) Jl. IR Juanda alley IA RT 09 (green ceramic gate) located at the southern end of the bridge, you will descend the stairs. After that turn left, there is a 3 dimensional picture of a pesumo on an orange wall.

The end of the aisle is just below the bridge, where the walls look colorful from pink, dark blue and green and the floor is also painted to resemble a colorful halo. The framework of the bridge next to it is also painted in color to make the background of the photo in this spot is in great demand of the visitors. Not surprisingly, visitors alternate for photos with the background wall, floor and bridge.

In this spot also, visitors can see the crowd on the bridge Embong Brantas from below and Tridi village across the river. The place is bordered by colorful iron railings and trellises to limit visitors who may be desperate to jump over the fence.

3. Umbrella Halls


After exit from spot number 2, back again to the first alley and turn left through the narrow alleyway we will descend the stairs. After a few paces, visitors will pass through the hall of the citizen's house with colorful umbrellas hanging over it. Colorful umbrellas are also very interested visitors Kampung colorful Malang. There are several kiosks and seats under the umbrella, so some visitors usually take a rest in this place while occasional photos of selfie or wefie. Since this alley is one of the main routes in the Juanda village complex, it is hard to get a moment when the passage is completely deserted.

4. 3 dimensional painting


A few steps from the umbrella, there is a spot that is also quite interesting. There is a 3-dimensional picture engraving, which makes us to be amazed at the paintings of the artists

5. Colorful stairs


After walking through 3-D paintings, we arrive on a steep downhill street. This street is a ladder for pedestrians and lanes for motorcycles in the middle. These stairs are painted in various colors with varying carvings.

On his right are the houses of colorful citizens and on his left is a stone wall with a black and white circle. The colorful 3-storey houses look very clearly from down here. On this road, if you walk upstairs, you will find some three-dimensional images on the walls of the residents' house (unfortunately, I did not have time to explore that section, so the info can not be included in this article). Going down will lead to the 7th spot of my explanation.

Visitors are often seen taking pictures in these colorful staircase spots when they are tired to walk up. The terraces of the residents' homes become casual seating for the visitors. If you are looking for public toilets, one of them is located at the lower end of this ladder.

Ooh yes, do not forget to make your way to the hometown of colorful jodipan, here we will be pampered with beautiful colors from every corner of our view ..

Happy tour and have fun all








Oh! Wow! That's colorful....can I share with my friends in Thailand and USA..they are photographers and tourist ...I think they will love it....thank you for information and sharing👍🏻👍🏻🙏

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everything is so colorful! nice series of photos!

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