One of the Most Beautiful Bruges, Belgium

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 If you’ve seen the movie “In Bruges”, you probably know a little bit  about this city. And even though Colin Farrell’s character keeps saying  it’s boring, you can’t deny the beauty of this medieval city. 

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great content!

Wow.. nice view.. where it is?

I second that

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probably one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. Antwerpen Brussel or Liege look like shit holes to me. Belgium is starting to look more and more like a 2nd world country. I hope that doesnt happen to Bruges.


it looks so beautiful there! i really missed autumn (it's my fav season)

Very nice picture.

I am not familiar with the movie “In Bruges” but I will defiantly check it out. What a beautiful image you've shared here! I've up voted this post and also I've followed you! :)