Team APPICS In Latin America (VIDEO) Blockchain On Tour And How The People Could Benefit From APPICS!

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Team APPICS is on tour again - this time, through LATIN AMERICA!

Last week, Team APPICS traveled through 5 different countries in 7 days with the "Blockchain on Tour" Team.
The Latin American market is one of the most interesting for blockchain projects, as the people are often unsatisfied with the financial system and are looking for a digital alternative.

Watch a Teaser clip for our Latin American Tour below on DTube:

Shot & edited by @thehipsterguru

These were the different stops of the tour:

  • 25.11 Brazil (Sao Paulo) 🇧🇷
  • 27.11 Peru (Lima) 🇵🇪  
  • 28.11 Ecuador (Guyaquill) 🇪🇨
  • 30.11 Columbia (Barranquilla) 🇨🇴
  • 02.12 Mexico (San Miguel) 🇲🇽

Short clips and Interviews to show you some impressions of the events will follow soon!

We had an amazing time traveling with the BoT Team, getting to know many fellow blockchain enthusiasts and upcoming projects, and introducing university students at the events to APPICS!

Special shoutout to everyone on the team for initiating this tour and making it so memorable!

Why is Latin America in need of cryptocurrency solutions?

From the financial issues in countries like Venezuela, to corrupted governments and privatized banks all over the region from Peru, to Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and more, these issues are all causing internal conflict and struggles for everyday people.

People who are divided against the authorities, and the systems that were put into place, which are supposed to protect and help them live a better life!

With declining businesses, rising taxation, debts, and unemployment rates, dropping commodity prices, and starving residents forced into immigration ultimatums seeking security and a less impoverished and challenging life in neighboring countries, Latin America is in immediate need of a positive, life changing solution.

Latin America needs Blockchain technology!

With Blockchain Technology, the everyday people of Latin America can take back control of their lives and their finances.

They would no longer need to wait for the bank to open on a Monday, when they could have done transactions and business moves on Sunday at anytime they wished.
And specifically, with APPICS, people can utilize the blockchain technology on the app to get rewarded for their passions with whatever their endeavors and life goals may be.
Whether someone is photographing the wonderful and beautiful landscapes, iconic cities, sightseeing monuments, ancient historical places of Latin America, or making videos and or various artworks to express their perspective of the world, they can earn real money, real, valuable, accessible and useful Appics Tokens through the use of Appics’ new generation social media app and progress forward in life.

When you utilize the full potential of the blockchain technology and access the knowledge that is readily available to you regarding cryptocurrency, it can truly change your life and others, especially your loved ones and family members.

Appics provides opportunities to people of all walks of life and businesses of all kinds in various markets.
You can also manage and improve your marketing presence online, all the while sharing to the world your gifts, products, creative ideas, and skills, which you have passionately worked on.
When could a company, artist or content creator ever get paid to market themselves? Usually it is them who are paying another entity or company to market for them.

Appics changes that paradigm and structure knowing and recognizing the value of its users!

With Blockchain technology and Appics, Latin America would be a completely different economic and technological place, thriving with tech savvy generations of all ages and financially capable individuals and companies alike.

Appics gives that opportunity and is the first app of its kind where you are rewarded for your passion.

APPICS is the future, let's change the world for the better and alleviate the pain, suffering and inconvenience that we see happening everywhere.

Make every moment count for something life changing ... Join the Movement!

💬 If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group 🌎

APPICS - South Korea 🇰🇷

APPICS - Deutschland 🇩🇪

APPICS - Russia 🇷🇺

APPICS - Nigeria 🇳🇬

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Nice video 👌
Appics to the Moon! 😎🚀

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Thank you! 🙌🚀💥

EXCELLENTE TRABAJO EQUIPO @appics . Good stuff creating relationship all around the globe. ESPECIALMENTE LATINOAMERICA. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK TEAM

Muy Fuego!!!

Hi there,
I've just upvoted this post
A small contribution from me, to help the steem community to thrive ;)

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

So good guys..if you are planning to come to South America we are based in Punta del Este - Uruguay... place to all of you guys! Cheers

The movement is about to increase, more and more enthusiasts around the globe are joining in and supporting Appics. This is the most exciting project.

Love it Appics. Go ahead😍

Its not really easy travelling from one location to another spreading the Appics gospel. Kudos to team Appics. Much love from Africa

Good job!


Keep up the good work @appics :):):)

I love APPICS n I am waiting for launching APPICS.


That's great to hear 🙌 thank you!

Looking good!

just got the test flight this morning, it is looking good! Can only get better once all the features are opened up.

South America really needs Dapps to help them out of the rut the system has put them in. Such rich cultures to share , now they can get rewarded for it. Cheers to crypto,


PS: That rep is gorgeous:)

good going folks


thanks! 🙌

Appics goin’ international! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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I recently downloaded the Appics app and I'm loving it to bits.
One question though: What is the use-case for the Appics tokens? (I hold a few from the ICO)

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I’m already excited, but this makes it even more so. I was fortunate to be added to the soft launch now this is my favorite app! As a photographer this motivates me to go out and capture more quality shots. Thanks team Appics

South America is on Fire in regards of Blockchain. What a awesome experience 🙏

I'll be promoting @appics and #steem at my meet-ups in Acapulco, MX. We should be spinning up in early 2019. South American countries are prime territory for blockchain adoption.

"With Blockchain Technology, the everyday people of Latin America can take back control of their lives and their finances." 💛🖤💛🖤

I am hoping to see more use of cryptocurrency here in Acapulco but many of my neighbors can't afford a phone or a computer. I am wondering how it is adopted when so many individuals are behind this much in technology and economically. I am thinking of trying to get used phones and computers from the US here and give them to local merchants to resell but I am unsure how the economic impact will hurt the local economy.

@appics Team, keep up and in my opinion for sure it's reflecting as you are putting efforts to expand your Sphere and it's really important to promote the platform. And yes, many are waiting for the opportunities because many are lacking the Financial Freedom. Good wishes from my side. 👍

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Exactly right. Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated!


Welcome. 🙂

Yes i am from argentina and absolutely we need another financial sistem. We are always cheated by the governments and the banks.

How can I download the app @appics ? I am completely interest ...

I am the first argentinian dtuber and part of dtubefamily777 and link proyect 777 I can help you to show the dapp

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