Island Hopping and a Fun Surprise in the Ocean Near Boca Chica, Panama

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One of the advantages of living here in Panama is we can be in the mountains in the morning and spend the rest of the day at the beach. We took advantage of this recently and spent all day on a boat and island hopping! It was so much fun, I wanted to take you all along on the ride!


We go to the dock in Boca Chica around 9:00 in the morning, which meant we left home around 6:45! Bright and early, but excited about what we might see. Each adult was $20 and each child was $10. We had a private boat tour in Spanish. When we arrived, we loaded into the boat and headed to the first island.


We arrived at the island around 10:00 and made a plan to leave at 11:30 to go to the next one. The kids had a blast playing in the water, finding iguanas and looking for shark teeth! The sun was shining and we were having fun finding coconuts.


We headed to the second island where we hung out for a few hours. This island had a restaurant where we could eat, but we had brought sandwiches for lunch. There were chairs to lounge in and even some locals that we could talk to. The island was really nice and we were having a great time, but I reminded the tour guide what we had really come for...WHALES!

He told us to get back in the boat and I asked if the whales were out today. He said we would go look for them. We drove to one whales. On to the next whales! Let's see another one...NO WHALES! Then, something caught his eye and we were off! He got us to a spot and there we saw it!!


A mama whale was hitting her tail on the surface while the baby was jumping up and landing on his back. She was clapping for him!! We sat and watched them for a few minutes and enjoyed the show! Check out our video below.

We were able to watch about 5 whales or pairs coming up to the surface. It was such a fun time and we were so excited that our guide worked so hard to get us to be able to see the whales. He told me after that he didn't think we would get to see any that day because they usually are all out in the morning and he didn't see any as we headed to the island!


If you are ever in Panama from July to the end of October, be sure you find a tour guide who will take you out to see the whales. If you miss the time for the whales, be sure that you check out the islands. I never knew there were so many. It was amazing to ride the boat out really far and there were still islands! Such a beautiful land to explore!!

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I'm so glad you got to see the whales! Thanks for sharing your photos and the video!

Ha! Love the boat pic with the kids. Good thing you didn't hit a rock or something—they'd have all gone over!

Cool to see the whales, too! Did you tell them to vote for your post? Or are they the wring type? :-)


Ha ha. I didn't even draw the Steemit whale connection!

beautiful! I spend some time in Panama too, but unfortunately didn't see the islands or the whales! BUT I did go whale spotting in Mexico though, so I guess it's pretty similar experience, such an amazing thing to witness! And on that tour we also stopped on one amazing island that you had to swim through a cave to get to!
thanks for sharing! <3

WAAAAUUUUW those pics with the tails over there are really cool!

( damn and that relocation thing of yours keep me intrigued as i loved panama last year and would still consider this as a place to calm down for sure!)

I bet the kids loved seeing the whales! We didn't make it to Boca Chica, but spent a lot of time in Bocas and Bastimento.

Your photographs are beautiful, thank you for sharing that beautiful paradise, greetings

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@apanamamama A great post and we also have a whale watching spot at a coastal town called Hermanus, here in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. Your islands certainly look lovely. Blessings!

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Great shots! What a fun day you and your family had. Whales are awesome. ❤️