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RE: Guatemala - Jungles, waterfalls & volcanoes

in #travel4 years ago

Hi, thanks for using the Steemit world map, if you keep making posts like this you will have a lot of success.

I did the same route as you about 6 months ago. Started following you and congrats on the engagement.


Hi @anomadsoul, thanks for your comment. I wish I had found the Steemit world map sooner for my earlier posts, its a great idea. I'll be sure to use it on all my upcoming posts.

Just followed you back, its always interesting to see another view on the same places you have seen as I'm sure there are plenty of great places we missed. More reason to go back! Thanks for the congratulations too :)

Also, I managed to get my next post up quicker than expected. El Salvador - Sunsets & pupusas

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