Travel with me #1 My Adventure to San Francisco Part 1

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This month has been so crazy with journey but I sense so fortunate to had been getting such cool possibilities. I was out in San Francisco this week at stitch FIX With LUNA, and a bunch of my fitness blogger friends! Stitch FIX is an online personal styling service.


As for the journey, i used to be excited to see a few fun fitness adventures on the schedule! On Wednesday morning, we have been treated to an outdoor yoga magnificence taught via a female named Sadie who is the resident yogi at Clif Bar


It felt top notch after a lot time on airplanes .Subsequent up on our adventure became a visit to stitch FIX headquarters to test out some of their modern day and finest items! Loved the colour of this handbag.


Isn’t this a cute manner to show necklaces? Might need to replicate this at home!


Sweet! I just created the board this morning and am hoping to see a number of the items I cherished in individual show up in my NEXT FIX!


We enjoyed a tremendous picnic lunch outside with the stitch FIX and LUNA team after our fashionable morning. They picked up an collection of candies for us at an area known as Heyday, which I cherished.


I stopped up going for some of the kale salad, a slice of potato/Viscount St. Albans quiche, and a huge serving of their quinoa and chickpea curried salad, which was extremely good. I like lunches like this with lots of taste and variety – and plenty of veggies! I went returned for seconds at the kale. :)


I’m going to attempt to recreate that chickpea salad recipe for you men at domestic – live tuned!


Our afternoon journey on Wednesday was a fitness-themed scavenger hunt! I cherished this because it become a amusing manner to get to peer extra of the town.
Our afternoon journey on Wednesday was a fitness-themed scavenger hunt! I cherished this because it become a amusing manner to get to peer extra of the town.



We ended our journey with a lovable view of the Golden Gate Bridge.


On Wednesday nighttime, our group turned into handled to a unique cooking class at Sur l. A. Table!


Iron cooks, really.



Its a Fact that : cooking is much better when wine is involved


Our fearless chef Stefan led us all in cooking some splendid and wholesome dishes: a kale salad with pickled watermelon (!) and feta, grilled citrus fowl skewers, quinoa, and a corn, avocado, and lime salad. Everything turned into honestly, without a doubt top. I mainly cherished the pickled watermelon! He gave us the recipes to share if you’re fascinated, so simply allow me recognize and i will post them!


For dessert we made a flourless chocolate lava cake. Really took a bite earlier than remembering the picture! I’m now not a massive chocolate man or woman however even I had to admit that this became insanely exact.


Fueled by chocolate cake, Monica and i were up shiny and early on Thursday morning to meet my grad school BFF Elle and her friend Erin for a run!


Elle and Erin are currently training for the San Francisco Marathon (their first!) and had 14 miles on the docket. We were out the door at five:30 a.M. To satisfy up with them about a mile from where we were staying, then endured on together, chatting away and playing the views!


What happend NEXT will be in my upcoming post ......


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Holy moly all of the places look absolutely beautiful.
And that damn food, they're making me hungry now

Beautiful pictures. Looks like fun!

Followed :)


Thank you very much ... and yeah travelling is always is fun

Really lovely post with great photos!! I loved those baguettes in the lunch box they looked fab!
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Thank you very much @ch00fy

Great post!! :D


thank you

Everyone look so stylish and healthy...I like that scarf ...awesome post,keep it up


thank you so much @shanu

Nice photos. It's good to have friends.