Murug Turug Waterfall

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Greetings fellow steemians, today we would like to share with ya'll our cool little adventure to Murug Turug waterfall!

Pronounced "moo-rugh two-rugh", nahh we're just messing with ya'll,😂 it's just moo-ruug too-ruug; is a fairly new eco-tourism spot developed by the good people living in Minangkob Village. It's approximately 11km from Tamparuli town, about 30-45 minute drive(depending on traffic) from Kota Kinabalu city! There are three trails that you lot could choose from, package A, B & C. Below are the details to the packages.

RATE 2018
📌Valid until the end of 2018

Package C
7 waterfalls

Adults -Rm30.00
Students - Rm20.00
Foreigners - RM50.00
Children & Senior Citizens - NOT AVAILABLE

Package B
3 waterfalls

Adults - RM15.00
Students - RM12.00
Foreigners - RM30.00
Children & Senior Citizens -NOT AVAILABLE

Pakej A
-4km Return
1 waterfall (murug-turug waterfall)

Adults(13thn-55thn) -RM10.00
Foreigners - RM20.00
Children (7thn-12thn) -RM5
Senior Citizens (56thn>)RM5
Students - RM5
Children below 7yrs-free

Extra packages🖌

  1. Certificates, Rm5/person
  2. Breakfast, Lunch & High Tea
    Rm20/pax ( Halal dan non halal)
  3. Tshirt Rm25

📌Deposit 30%. The other 70% to be paid before starting the hike on the day.
📌Payment can be made to this account MAYBANK 165125282597 Mr. JOHN BIN SITU
📌Receipts should be kept & presented as proof during registrations on the day.
📌Bookings shall be confirmed as soon as payments are made.

📌Deposit(s) are not refundable.



  1. Hiking attire (suitable)
  2. Suitable shoes (wet/muddy/slippery)
  3. First aid (for package B & C)
  4. Extra food/power bars
  5. Poncho

Book your team slots at least 3 days before to ease the registration process, food preparations, certifications for the Murug-Turug Eco Tourism crew and 10 days for any t-shirt orders.

For more information, please don't hesitate to call/whatsapp these numbers:-☎
+60 198827511 (ikan koruk)
+60 16- 667 1057 [ john]
+011-26390786 (wany)

Now back to our adventure! We woke up at around 6am, prepared our stuff and went to get breakfast. Anne's colleague was already at the restaurant waiting for us so that saved us a few extra minutes. Took off together in one vehicle from Inanam at 7:45am and arrived at this place here at exactly 8:30am. Good thing the meeting point was easy to find and parking spaces are abundant! Considering parking lots are like endangered animals in the city.😂

★Ranau-Kota Kinabalu Road★

★Meeting/Briefing Point★

After listening to the do's and dont's from our guide, we took off steadily downhill towards the waterfall. For the package that we chose(which was the easiest one of course😂), it would take us about 30 minutes to reach the falls. It rained the night before so the trail was extra muddy for us to enjoy! Below are few of the pictures that we took along the way.

When we arrived at our final descent down the valley, the roar of the gushing water served as music to our ears. And our eyes were totally fixated on the majestic waterfall right in front of us. It was magical! Time stopped and it feels like you're in some sort of a hidden alternate reality, no cell coverage, no cars, no buildings in sight! Just you and nature. So the first thing we did was, wash our muddy shoes in the crystal cool waters!😂

There are deep spots found around the falls, so the villagers have built a small hut to house small/big floats & life jackets for visitors to use. These items can be rented for a small fee of RM3-RM10, if you're planning on going into the water then safety first folks!

The place was truly a beautiful sight to behold! Would surely camp out here if given permission.

After spending a few hours on site, our hunger caught up to us so we left with nothing but happy memories & a few wet clothing! Will surely come back again to try the harder B or C trails with the whole gang!

P/S, the hike back was harder than expected!😂

Till next time Murug Turug, this is Jez & Anne checking out!


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Incredible and stunning photograph. Great job keep it up.

Thank you!✌

Beautiful pictures! Thank you for the info, will put "moorughtoorugh" on my list haha

You're welcome!😃

Good info. Perhaps my next adventure trip

Yeah you should try out this place! Amazing!

Nice adventure and good photography here.. How was the hike? Easy?

Hey thank you!
Package A, straight downhill 30 minutes to the falls, relatively easy. But quite the challenge when going back up to the starting point.

Package B, moderate. 1 hour to the main falls. Passing other trail that consists of 2 other sub-falls.

Package C, extremely hard according to the locals. Strength & endurance needed for the 7-8 hour hike to and fro. Passing 7 waterfalls along the way.😁