Our special trip to Ben Aknountouristresort

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1 ): Inside the elephant cage



2 ) We are a steemitadventurer :

Last Friday, itwas a holiday in my country, soitwasovercast in the morning, but itwassunny in the afternoon, and itwas a drive to take a stroll to a beautiful place, under the slogan steemit .
I wasthinking about abeautiful place wheretouristswould come, and somethingdifferentwouldhappen to them. Then the touristresortwould come to me in a place called Ben Aknoun, near central Algeria, so I set up a set of signs for me and myfriends.
With the slogan "Steemit", and then I made several phone calls withmyfriendswho are active in the steemit site, sotheycan come with me.

I wassoenergetic and active thatday, as itseemed to me thatmyfriendswere the othercatalysts for this unique adventure.

Afterwe met, weheadeddirectly to the main gate of the park. Anotherfriend of mine, Tahar, waswaiting for us.
Tahar had the qualifications wedid not have, so Tahar knewverywell the nature of the vast place. He knewmost of the passages, the roadswehad to walk, the unusual places and the exciting places to visit. He alsoknewsome of the parkworkers ,Was to allow us to enter some places forbidden to the generalvisitors, and thisisexactlywhatwewereerected to it.
All theseprivileges are due to the factthat Tahar livesnext to the park.

28053352_10208590797767329_1884161690_n (1).jpg

3 ) Difficult conditions to watch the giantelephant :

Westartedour tour to the elephants' place, but wehaddifficultyseeing and takingpictures of the elephantsbecause of the poororganization, sothat the elephantswerereturned to the stable at 15:00, when the visits to the parkbegin.

Whenwegotthere, wefound the doorsclosed, soweweredisappointed, but myfriend Tahar told me thatwehad to go to the partyRight of the shelterwall, sothatwecantakepicturesremotely.
Wewentthere, climbed over the worn-out wall, and took the risks of taking the risk. Indeed, wesaw the hugeelephantwithtwohorns. It wascalled a proxy. It was the largestelephant in the park.

Tahar alsotold me that the abuse of a proxy by the workers, who beat him, made his actions aggressive, sothat one dayhestoleyounge girl, using the grip of hishose, and attackedher.

The viewwas not clearfromabove the wall, and thatis to the distance of the place where the elephantislocated, sothatitwasonly us to do the descentfrom the wall, and go back out of place.


4 ) Wonderfulcoincidence :

Butwewant to meeta man calledBoualem, whowasworkinginside the dungeon, which Tahar knew. This wasonlyallowed for us to be exempt from the entry into the place.

Wehead to the back gallery to takepictureswith a proxy, and happinessoverwhelms us, finallyenabling us to seethisgiantcreature proxy, who has been said to beverydangerous

How wonderfulitwas to watch the giantelephant proxy in front of us !!??
At first I feltalittleconfused, but soonthis feeling faded, afterseeing a proxy interactwith us, and takeThe grassfromour hands, thenwediscovered how niceitiswith people who are nice to it.
And the surprise wasbigger, after the arrival of elephantscaramelia, whichwashiddeninside the building, and approached us, whilewethoughttherewasonly one elephant in the place.

27848277_1180235942080115_2011909297_n (1).jpg
27849098_1180235995413443_880516698_n (1).jpg
27847974_1180236055413437_2099713181_n (1).jpg
27935133_1180234838746892_1646290982_n (1).jpg
27938934_10208590803127463_1837547620_n (1).jpg

5 ) Difficultdecision :

Boualemthenoffered us a crazyidea, whichis to enter the cage of elephants, itwas a thoughtthatreallyshocked, I did not expect to do somethingsimilar.

None of us tookthisriskbefore, but at a moment I thoughtthatthisriskwas an experiencethatmightneverberepeatedagain, and I have to do it no matterwhat the consequences.

Wewent to the entrance of the cage, and boualemopened the flag of the cage, and graduallyentered, and carefully to the inside, afterreassuring the absence of elephants in the case of hostility.


6 ) Face to face withelephants :

After a greathesitation, I decided to venture, and to be the first to be in the cage, so as not to miss thisextraordinary feeling.

And itwasreally a terrible feeling, and different, to findmyself and for the first time in my life inside the cage, next to thesegiantcreatures, and itdoes not differentiatebetween me and deathonly one step by theseelephants, as I do not hidethat I was a kind of panic, Myheartbeatwasaccelerating, but I heldmyself , and took a deepbreath, which made me feelsocomfortablethat I couldwatch the elephants and take the pictureswiththemclosely.

And whatwas the rest of myfriends, but encouragedwhentheysaw me enter withoutcausing me anyharm, and decided to enter the cage.
The surprises did not end there. After a proxy and camellia, wefound the thirdelephantsNella, whowashidinginside the building, whichweweretoldwas the youngestelephants.

27849337_1180209305416112_1511790797_n (1).jpg
27994774_1180235695413473_1105013413_n (1).jpg

7 ) This adventureremainsengraved in memory forever :

And afterspendingsome fun and extraordinary time inside the elephant'ssnare, it's time to leave the place, and we are very happy, for thisunexpected surprise, bringingwith us unforgettablememories. At the same time, wewereverythrilled , And enthusiasm, to discover more surprises, and secrets, insidethisgreatpark.


For the subsequentevents, and the second part of ouradventure, follow us in the second part.

Wealsohopethat the first part has won your admiration.

Follow us :


Yo,.. I'm diggin' the crew strollin' down the street.. but it was the pic on post that got me. National geographic all the way. Who ever shot that pic has a great eye! The colors are awesome. Big ups to the Steemit posse...Keep it tight... Steem on!..H

thank you hthasouljah

No doubt bra!

Excelentes fotografías. Felicitaciones por tu viaje.

thank you playnet

A great adventure, very good photos, the elephants are magnificent.

thank you faiber

Elephants are awesome creatures! Thank's for sharing your experience with us!

thank you jacksongroves

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Great elephant pictures.
Thank you for sharing.

thank you @bluehorseshoe. the elephants been really kind

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It's an integrated work. I congratulate you on this wonderful article
I have read it and I have really liked your groats and wish you more success and excellence in the future

We have done a hard work and risked doing so and it is time to reap the rewards of our efforts
thanks you my freinds @anis33 and @nadj

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Nice to read about you and you posts and views. I am into steemit from august 2017, I am interested in photography and I am also into crypto trading and investing,I have followed you so you can also follow me. Let us all join hand and work with one common objective to make steemit reach to great height.
Best Of luck

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