A long ride took me to a green suburb~

in travel •  5 months ago

Change is as good as a holiday they say! I felt like riding somewhere new, having a completely new adventure late yesterday afternoon. So I decided to go in a completely new direction. Much to my delight cycling in another direction proved to be a fun change of scenery away from the beach. It was a exhilarating long ride that led me to a green suburb located near the Sunshine Coast Airport. Needless to say I was surprised to see quaint well looked after houses, parks and trees next door to a big airstrip.

It was worth the couple of hours so of course I am sharing some of the sites I really enjoyed. There were cute little houses that proud owners look after. I always feel like knocking on the doors to congratulate the people on their beautiful home and at the same time take a peek.

Check out this quaint house. Gorgeous isn't it?

Across the road the big green park caught my eye. I really liked the late afternoon light shining through.

I always get taken in with a line of trees and this scene was no exception. The well established paper bark tress looked majestic creating an aesthetic feel as they stretched along the path.

Cycling is such a fun fitness activity and an opportunity to take photographs.

Have a good day fellow Steemians.



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Do or do not. There is no try.

Scenic! Riding unchartered waters is the best!! What's your distance :)?


10 to 20 kms. I am a novice.


That's not bad. Thanks for the kms, you use metric distances, as an American? 😃

how interesting @angiemitchell to see one of the cute houses there, I didn't know what style they would be, so quaint. and those trees are gorgeous. Plus, you get to stay in shape while discovering all these wonderful sites. I'm a little envious. great photos bytheway.


Staying in shape is fun @janton.