The beauty of tourist attractions in lhokseumawe reservoir

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This is one of the tourist attractions around lhokseumawe
This place is visited by the public every day, and also many visitors from outside the region to enjoy the natural charm of the beautiful lhokseumawe dam with fresh air here, in addition to beautiful scenery here there are also many snacks that are traded by the community sekita, here jiga become a center where fishing Because this place also there is a comfortable fishing spot and because the lhokseumawe city government paid special attention to keep the lhokseumawe reservoir reserve so that visitors liked this place and fore this place will continue to be preserved because this will be a valuable asset for the city of lhokseumawe, here are some Pictures of the beauty of the reservoir located in the vicinity of lhokseumawe






Many other beauties can be found in your place. Because our blood is a coastal area. Please visit our place. And favors the charm of our other natural beauty

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So beautiful views

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The scenery is very beautiful, I love the view, greeting steemit @danker

wonderful place

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nice shot bang..visit my blog I post some photos then give me some comment and upvote..

saleum meuturi @anasz

neubantu spirit sige- ge keusyhara, lipeh that manteng kekuatan akun,

Nice pic @anasz, already resteem upvote you

Nice picture

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