Water in the city on the water

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The Venetian Stories

Forever I can view photos from Venice and every time I find something new in them, something interesting. And, in parallel, we recall some stories and facts related to Venice.

Since Venice was on the islands, reclaiming more and more places by the sea for installing new buildings, there is no special vegetation here. Plus, trees are consumers of fresh water, and this is a great luxury! There is no water! Rather, the water is round, but the water is salty, marine.

And fresh water can only appear with rain. And so, you imagine, wells were built in Venice. These are huge reservoirs underground, closed in a cunning way, so that the rainwater, passing through the sand, cleared and drained into the tank. Such a well is a great value of Venice. In fact, the city grew up around such wells. During the adversity and calamities near this well, the guard was always on duty, which watched that water would not be poisoned.

And in general, the sea, which protected Venice at the beginning of its rule, began to interfere with her in the end. While the Austrians did not build a bridge from the mainland and did not allow all communications, water, electricity, the inhabitants of the islands had a tight.

And this long bridge was built in 1864. It is called the Bridge of Freedom or Ponte della Libertà. A great structure for its time. The length of the bridge is 3 km.

It combines both an automobile and a railway bridge.

Well, some photos. This is a photo from spring Venice. It was warm, April. From the top roasted the sun, from inside warmed Valpolicella. It was good.


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