Travellin' Da U. P., Eh Episode 1

in travel •  3 months ago

This is my first video for Dtube, and the first video I've made in quite a while. I decided to try making a few videos about various places to visit in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I'm calling the video series,
"Travellin' Da U.P., Eh!"
For this first video, I'm visiting the Cornish Pump and Mining Museum in Iron Mountain, MI.
I plan on making more of these videos as I visit various places around the U.P. of Michigan. I have lots of ideas for places to visit and make videos about. Hopefully you'll find these videos interesting!

this is a small working steam engine on display in the front area of the museum.

Here's a few pictures from inside the front of the museum.



This is an old picture of the Cornish pump next to the mine hoist structure. The pump was used for removing water from deep in the mine. This was the largest steam powered water pump built in North America.

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Heading to the UP myself in a couple of days!


Hopefully the weather will be good for you up here! :-)


I hope so too!

Hey nice to see you andcthanks for the little tour and all explanations. Also congrats on your dtube vote on your first wee! My only critic if accepted is maybe using a wind shield in the camera as I struggled with wind on some words. Just well intended I did mind out ogmf the faux fur collar of an old jacket and ebay sells cheap chinese for almost every mic or camera, but but just a piece of faux fur fabric will do.


Thank you! :-)
I'll have to figure out how to use a wind shield on this little camera that I use for the videos, the mic is built into the camera in a way that might make it difficult to use a wind screen.


aw maybe you can make kind of a wrapping, yes on my videocam is built it I just cut a piece of fur fabric and with american tape... still it was just a note... I found a super super cheap chinese shotgun mic that works with most mic inputs... still you are far ahead than I, been intending to vlog every hike for months and I always get lazy or never manage to upload :)