Seattle- Kerry Park and Toby Mac Concert!

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Seattle is known for rainy/cloudy days, and I was hoping that while we were there that it wasn't going to do any of that. I looked up the weather before we left, it said that it was supposed to be partly sunny, then I looked again and it said it was cloudy, and I was kinda bummed out. Even though it was cloudy most of the time, the sun did come out once or twice for a split second which we enjoyed!

So my husband and I were driving around and saw that Toby Mac was going to play in Seattle, we looked up when and it happened to be the next day. We got super excited and wanted to buy the tickets, but they were a bit expensive online, so we decided to go the box office early in the morning so that we could have the tickets later that night and buy them there, and they were much cheaper there!

Around the box office was a pretty fountain, it played loud music too. We didn't know it was there, so it was cool to see! You could also the Space Needle from there too!

Afterwards, we went this park called Kerry Park! It had a really pretty view from it. You could see the Space Needle from it, and the ocean! It was absolutely gorgeous!

We also wanted to see a lighthouse, but it was a bit of a hike to get there and we didn't have time to do that because of we needed to eat lunch and go to the concert right after. But we did come to this really pretty spot where you up the stairs, walk through this walking trail with some arched trees above us. We came by this abandoned building, overlooking the ocean. Although, you could only see a little of it. It was not much of a view lol. But it was a pretty walk.

When we were done with walking around, and checking out some sceneries, and eating, we finally made it to the concert! We did have to pay stupid expensive parking though, all the other parking lots were taken. There was one cheap one that he was going to pull into, but somebody else took it, which didn't make my husband very happy lol. But then things were fine when we found a close parking spot! We loved the concert! It was a tad loud though, and I had to cover my ears a few times, but we had SO much fun! My parents @noboxes, @mamaloves and my sisters @fullofhope, @gringalicious, and my youngest sister went to see Toby Mac last night, and they also loved it!

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A Toby Mac concert!!! I knew him when he was in DC Talk. I took my kids to his concert - high energy and LOUD! I loved their songs and individually now that they've split. Not all of it mind you. NewsBoys are good though.

It looks cold from where you two were standing....brrr. And I see you under a umbrella of moss covered branches - rain forest stuff.

Time for lights out here. It's late. Need my beauty sleep.

This is too funny, my husband is listing to DC talk right now, and I was talking literally talking about Newsboys to him!!!

I've never really listened to DC talk before, but I love toby Mac! I also love Newsboys, they're great!

It was really cold, I couldn't stand out there too long, I had to get back to the car haha!

Haha, goodnight!

congratulations to enjoy the concert friends, and happy to have fun with his family there, a good post friends

Thank you!

:) you look very nice together. I realize you have a great day!
You're perfect. thanks for nice sharing

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looks very beautiful I am amazed with your beauty. greetings best friends friends always for you

Aw thanks!

Obviously you enjoy the concert

Yes thanks!