Vietnam's dense and dangerous jungle

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It's a vicinity of Vietnam where you can not stay for a single day, but I've spent three days here and I know how I spent three days. image

I know about this place

If you go to the Vietnam jungle, Spring is two way out to cross the first jungle and the other rivers the way out is dangerous, when I went to the jungle, I adopted the stream of river

When I came to the stream, then the sun was going out and the water was cold enough so no human could live happily in this water.When you walk in a good stream, you have to be surprised to eat food at such places.Most of the foods in the Vietnam jungle are catfish and green chicken. Vietnamese people call frog as green chicken and this is what you have to eat .It is very low to hear me two catfish and a green chicken meal in three days, but it contains protein and it is a lot to be patient at the place where it is found.

The rivers of Vietnam are very dangerous, if you are in the stream and the stream of water is rising, climb on a mountain that is cooked and cooked, say a fit water stream of a river can easily flow a man and two feet of water A Car and once the waters flow, the water becomes 4 to 5 feet comfortably, which is not a good idol for any human being. ( ![image]
It is said that there are three very dangerous animals in the jungle that come from three dangerous animals
Vietnam's first and worst trouble

Vietnam is said to have very high and tremendously dangerous snakes in the Vietnam, every year 3000 people die in snake disposal each year in Vietnam.One solution to these snakes is also that you go through heavy steps while walking in the jungle when the serpent listened to someone's voice, then himself goes away from you.
And now talk about other dangerous insects that are called the peak, you can not save it, it sticks anywhere on your body and starts to suck the heat, it does not have to worry about it it is not toxic. Remove it from your body at all times, otherwise it makes you very weak
This unique worm likes heat very much and it is sitting in wait for the kayam pane in the streets of the road, that is where the queen is pig or brown, and its hungry dessert
I can not imagine that the bee is a very small and dangerous worm
The third dangerous worm of this warrior mosquito who attacks only in the night if it is very difficult if you want to avoid it, you will have to burn the fire in most of Vietnam's areas to avoid it. That's why it is very important to avoid malaria here every year, one million people are estimated to be malaria in the world every year, mosquitoes do not come near to smoke and you can also have children with malaria.
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