Knows about USA Alabama's wildlife and his secrets

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Hello friends today i am a city of alabama usa in the wilderness of alabama is the most seasons of the weather given here
The storm that comes in Alabama does not come across the entire United States. Here, fifty-a-half tights come in one year. This is the year of the season. I have 60 percent of rain, the flood-hit flood is so common the fall of the flood season is to reduce the number of people in the US, about 140 people are killed every year.

I remember it very well that I hit a hill from my helicopter. From here, the most beautiful view of Alabama was depressed. I was getting down from here a stream. My goal was to cross this stream, not to the other side of the war. It can be taken to the population, but it is so low that my mind is rotating. It is estimated that the two dozen feet are down and it is not easy to get down, but I have to do it.

I needed a plan to get down, I was surprised to take a look at the hill for one hour, and I found a tree hanging down from the mountain. It was quite strong, I could get it down. This tree was around 80 feet. It took me an hour to get down and my condition was getting worse, now the way to get down was easy and I was going down fast and eventually got down and was in front of me a big No water whose snow was ice cream and I could not cross it by swimming; I needed a boat and I looked for the woods. I had a lot of boats on the edge of the boat, maybe it was sown in the flood and now I met an old broken boat with a condition that was very bad, but it was going to be a lot of work, I got an hour to repair it. image
I sat in the boat and took it to the boat, and sat on it and walked on my journey, the fun of the boat made by my hands was going to be very fast, but it was not possible to pass the power and suddenly I thought that the water run ahead is quite sharp, seeing a distance is a mustache ahead of the past. Now I had to leave my boat. It was a very difficult time. I did not have to leave the boat, but it was to fall in cold water. The water was so cool, you can not survive more and now I had to go to it now to go ahead of the jungle. image
It was evening, now I had to eat and spend night, I could get signs of deer foot here, it can be ruined here but I can not catch it here. Drinking water and drinking more animals are nearer to water. I could catch it on the way and put a thorn in the way and started looking for a nighttime trip to the forest, there was nothing but trees in the forest. Now I will have a camp for myself and I started to camp. I took 3 hours the water was near the night.Now I went to my trap, so I was a beautiful deer in my trap. I wanted to eat it well and this deer might think it was a panacea.
It was very scared of me. I went close to it and got it from my cheek. Cut the garbage and put it in your locker fire near your camp. It was quite good at some degree and it was very delicious, and it was quite delicious and I'm going to sleep now. image
I walked on a short walk, but I had to do a dirty river, I had to do it, which was a very difficult problem. I took a wooden dump and it was called the stream called Alabama. In the woods, there are 6 dangerous snakes in the jungle. I will be scared of my drowning and very easily did this stream. I was not very dangerous in Vio, who was supposed to be dangerous, and I reached the war. image
But this time, the jungle of the jungle, which was hit by the jungle in the jungle, was a dangerous threat in the forest, which was not thought about months, but there was a lot of smoke rising from the fire. It was a long flame and it was going to a lot of races, such a fire was deliberately used to protect the forest, but it could be very dangerous when the air grew. image
There is also a sense of this fire, but there is a population nearby, but heat and smoke of this fire heat me up a lot. If you have to reduce your body copy to avoid, I did the same, but the smoke was not decreasing, I also dumped my nose, but it was troubling in breathing and now I ran away now. The fire was looking for a place where the fire would burn, this fire was not troubling me as much as it was in a smoke in a smoke where the fire was loaded, it was all burnt, but there was trouble in taking the sauce here. I was not the good news for me now I just wanted to find a population present, my destination was near and I was running fast. image
The tab I heard of a car I heard the sound and ran on a road, a roadside bomb which was very happy to show a wooden truck, and I was missing a lot of the house I was so happy. The beta truck driver was hanged in a trapped truck and my journey ended here image
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Wow... beautiful photography

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Amazing photography, transmits peace and strength

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