Weekend in Slovenia *(Savica, Vogel, Bohinj, Ojstrica, Bled)

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It's such a blessing to have everything you are thriving for in only 1h drive from home.
The weather is nice - let's go somewhere!

This weekend I headed to 78m high Savica Waterfall, but more about it later:

24mm equivalent

Getting there:

There are two options, 1.5h drive via Bled Lake or a bit over 2h via Skofja Loka, middle of nowhere and Bohinjska Bistrica.

I've decided to use the backroad:

And it payed-off when I saw the mythical town Železniki. It's mythical for every STEM student in Yugoslavia because measuring devices were built in "Tehtnica Zelezniki".

Ahead lay something even better, when the road twisted from Petrovo Brdo (hill) to, well, higher hill.
There are many serious road cyclists, probably riding towards Most na Soči.

Here is the view at Zgornja Sorca:


After a while, I finally came to Savica. Three Euros for me, 3 for Alfa...

savica wide18.jpg

My next stop was Vogel.
You should take a ride in a cable car, that provides a magnificent view (16 Eur 1-way, 20 Eur return ticket, 29 Eur with included lunch):

@suesa , don't watch :)

Worth it!


The Sun started to fall down and it was time to go to Ribičev Laz:


bohinj 3Rib.jpg

No time to waste, I need to go to Bled Lake and climb Ojstrica...

@ruth-girl , maybe this view is even better than the view from the Castle

Ok, the sun is down, it's time for Blejska kremšnita, local sweet delicacy.


45 min later, I came home.

What a day, what a views...

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.221372 lat 14.016381 long Weekend in Slovenia *(Savica, Vogel, Bohinj, Ojstrica, Bled) d3scr)

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.291926 lat 13.797268 long Weekend in Slovenia *(Savica, Vogel, Bohinj, Ojstrica, Bled) d3scr)

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.264056 lat 13.839450 long Weekend in Slovenia *(Savica, Vogel, Bohinj, Ojstrica, Bled) d3scr)

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.278295 lat 13.886829 long Weekend in Slovenia *(Savica, Vogel, Bohinj, Ojstrica, Bled) d3scr)

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 46.359754 lat 14.078653 long Weekend in Slovenia *(Savica, Vogel, Bohinj, Ojstrica, Bled) d3scr)

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Great pictures! I love it.

Looks lovely.

Vogel means bird in Dutch. Does it have any meaning over there?

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It also means "bird" in German. That could be the origin...

The second explanation I've found is based on XVI century Slovenian-Latin dictionary that describes vogel / vogal as "angle".

During the centuries, Slovenian V became Serbian U, and L if the last letter, often becames O in South Slavic Languages, so today Serbs say "ugao". In conclusion, it could be Slavic as well.

What a trip and what amazing views indeed!!!!
I am jealous and I would so take that cable car ride!

Yes, the view of the lake is so much better, but the color of the water is not so vivid :(


The sun already set :( I need to go again :'(


Please DO! 🙃

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Thanks again :)

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This is called as well spent weekend.Thanks for sharing, love the images and photography too.