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We arrived at Sharon's house who collects injured animals or baby kangaroos who lost their parent. We meet her 3 kangaroos. we are volunteers to help Sharon to take care of wild animals and release them in the future.

But before, little backwards. We are a few kilometers from our host and our GPS indicates an orange-red dirt road (very common in Australia). We decide to take this route and drive at 30km by hour with our van. To our surprise many vehicles take this path and we are doubled by small city cars traveling much faster than us. Morality, we still have a lot to learn about Australia and its people.

Hardly arrived that Sharon introduces Irvy and Sissy (the smallest), two baby kangaroos. Caroline tries to instill some values ​​in these Australian animals. They are very focused and listen carefully.

Then directly, we go to the meal! Of course it is the kangaroos who eat. Three small bottles of milk a day in addition to their seeds and vegetables, it's their diet. In addition, they graze the grass of the property.

You are not dreaming, kangaroos eat in the house! Sharon tells us that there are not many Australians doing this ...

The kangaroo just below, it's Tilly! He does not go outside because he is too scared (except for walks). He was collected because he lost his mother very young after a shot of a hunter.

This is an ingenious idea! Kangaroo babies sleep in a pocket like their mother's but made by the man.

Our job is to walk the kangaroos, watch them, feed them, put them to bed and Sharon asks us to give them a lot of love!

In full stroll, the kangaroos behave like little dogs. That is to say they follow us all the time because they take us for their mom.

One day Sharon was not there, she gives us the mission to take the kangaroos around the sheep's pasture. We have great difficulty in bringing Tilly with us but arrive after a while. All the kangaroos are in the field and suddenly the smallest sheep of the herd starts to charge the kangaroos. They get scared and come back to their neighborhood. Except that the sheep does not stop there! He decides to get out of his meadow and goes straight to the house. I start running to stop him! Nevertheless, the sheep ends up running on the sofa in the living room ... A beautiful memory that made us a little less laugh this day!

This cockatoo is incredible, he has only one leg and walks with his beak and his leg remaining ... It's a really funny animal! When one puts music, he dances; When you tell him to say goodbye, he nods several times; When our host gets up from the couch to go to sleep, he starts to fly on his shoulder and goes to sleep with her ...

Our host Sharon is surely the best meeting we have done in Australia. She made us cakes, taught us some words of English, gave us work but did not want it to be too hard. She was kind! This woman loves animals and she recovers all those who have problems or who could have an uncertain future. She is retired but to be able to pay for all expenses related to animals, she has to work as a bus driver to take the children to school. At home, there are horses, ponies, kangaroos, hamsters, cockatoos, sheep, ducks, ...

We have a lot of free time and take the opportunity to visit the region, in the next article I will make you discover this little corner of paradise.

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Thank you 😊

How fun to get to help care for those babies! She is a good woman and I'm sure you learned a lot. Great photos!


Yes it was our best moment in Australia! 😊

What an experience! These little fellows look like they really listened to her :) I wonder what they were thinking :)

I do envy you meeting these beauties :) But at least you showed to us on your photos. Thank you for sharing! :)


Your welcome ! :) I hope you will meet kangaroos like us in your future!


I hope so too! It would be an amazing experience! :)