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The first day in Australia, we try to settle a maximum of paperwork:

  • Request from the Tax File Number to work
  • Opening a bank account
  • Purchase a phone plan
  • Start of search for a vehicle to cross the country

We also visit Perth, the largest city in Western Australia and its 2 million inhabitants. This city was founded by James Stirling in 1829 on the edge of the Swan River.

Caroline thinks she's a kangaroo! We are in the Australian theme, our trip is launched!

The London Court : A small pedestrian street with an old-fashioned style transport us to the shops.

The London Court seen from the inside :

We gradually take our marks, know the telephone operators (Yes optus, Telstra, ...), the supermarkets (Coles, Woolworth, ...), the names of banks (Westpack, Commonwealth, ...) and the downtown Perth is familiar to us! Nevertheless, we have not yet seen our first kangaroos ... It will be our goal for the next days as well as the purchase of a vehicle. A van ? A break ? A 4wd? We ask ourselves a lot of questions. The van ensures a certain luxury and comfort, the 4wd allows you to go in the ways and thus to visit more things, the break on its side is assured savings!

The first week in Australia is a moment of discovery, whether of Perth and its surroundings but also of Australia in general. And yes, in Perth we are starting to feel the problem with flies in Australia. We walk towards Herisson Island and a fly follows us all the way...

Arrived on this island where live 6 kangaroos, we find none and return empty-handed. Caroline is disappointed ... but the meeting of a French girl at our hostel pushes us to return the next day. Indeed, she tells us to have seen them in the middle of the island in the marshy part.

After listening to his advice, we find a first kangaroo:

Then 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally the sixth!

People come to the island to have their selfy kangaroo, my girlfriend is delighted, she could do her :

We were able to get close to the kangaroos but they seem tired and lean. When they jump, they do not have the dynamics of wild kangaroos .... It's our little disappointment! Closing animals that need space, on a part of the island is not necessarily a good idea and harms their health!

In addition to tourists, we are looking for a means of transport. We visit a very old 4x4 where French tells us that you have to be good at mechanics to get by with it. This one is not for us! The beautiful meetings are linked during visits where we learn a lot about Australia and receive countless tips. For example, do not ride at night because kangaroos love the headlights of cars and throw themselves under vehicles ; choose, when to go to northern Australia because the rainy season can be complicated ...

We also apply for volunteer assignments! For the moment the business seems complex, the one we planned before our departure is canceled by our host.

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Steemit doesn't work like that man, sorry! :)

Imagine having to stay indoors for one whole year. Then we start to get the picture of what these kangaroos feel. Enjoy your trip.


Yes that's true! But the worst is all these zoos...