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Following the like of @viking-ventures, I decided to publish my trip in English !!! So, with my girlfriend @carolineparadis we traveled in Australia while 5 months. Our project was to help australian people to protect the fauna and the flora of their country ! While this journey, we took care of kangaroos, wombats, dolphins, but also we did weeding, picked up waste,... I show you our trip with 10 pictures ! This article is a small summary of what I will write later !

At Sharon house, an unforgettable moment where we lived with the locals!

Wave rock, an amazing place !

The Pinnacles, is it Rock in the middle of the desert ? I will explain this thing !

Sydney, but also Melbourne, Perth, Adelaïde, Canberra will be presented to you !

Wich animal is he ?

How is the life in a campervan ? You will know all the secrets of our trip !

I will show you amazing beaches !

What was our job with dolphins ?

I will show you the biodiversity of Australia !

We will speak about australian products and customs !

Here is a small summary of what awaits you in my next articles!

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You have an awesome life and an awesome cause! Can't wait to hear more.

Wow. I can't wait to read more!
Thanks for tagging me so that I couldn't miss it!


Your welcome! I am very happy to share my trip with you! 😊 I hope my english will be good.


I wish my French were half as good as your English!
You're fine!


Lol thank you ! 😂