The Australian Dream : : Greenspool, Waterfall and Elephant Rock near to Denmark !steemCreated with Sketch.

in travel •  6 months ago

When we have free time after taking care of the kangaroos, we go to visit the region of Denmark. This city has the same name as a certain European country!

The first day we visit, we decide to go to Greenspool. I put you lots of pictures that could have been more beautiful with better weather. We are in southern Australia and despite the summer we feel like autumn!

Just behind Greenspool is Elephant Rock, rocks shaped like elephants. It's really looks like, what do you think?

To finish this first day, we go to a place called Waterfall, you understand that there is a waterfall.

You understand that the waterfall is huge;)

Stop joking, we have to take care of the kangaroos, we go back to Sharon's house!

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