The top most Nice place in Earth

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Denali National Park and Preserve.


This is the most wonderful place in this whole world. There have no any others place like this. This wilderness topped by North America’s highest peak (Denali, 20,310ft), this national park is Alaska’s ultimate showstopper. Bisected by one solitary ribbon of road, this pristine ecosystem plays home to a menagerie of wildlife – from wolves to bears, caribou to Dall sheep – which is often easily spotted on a bus ride through the park. Just need to take a tour.

The Alaska Highway


This highway is the most nice highway, because of this natural view.southeast of Fairbanks, all the way to Dawson Creek in British Colombia, Canada, the Alaska Highway is considered one of the world’s top scenic drives. Constructed during World War II, this well-maintained road winds through some truly spectacular terrain, offering excellent wildlife viewing and countless other photo opportunities along the way. Just like Dream.

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