Travelling Dettifoss Waterfall Part 3 (Iceland)

in #travel5 years ago

With Dettifoss in the center, this implies you have four alternatives on the best way to achieve it. The just landing area street is from the southwest, so in the winter this is normally the best choice.


In any case, in summer, it's extraordinary to originate from the northwest, as this allows you to see Ásbyrgi and Hljoðaklettar in transit. Despite the fact that rock, the northern streets are as yet drivable with a 2WD auto and the bumpyness just adds to the feeling of adventure.


Whichever course you pick, and at whatever point you go, dependably check the street reports on Vegagerdin just before you set off, as they change from everyday relying upon the climate.



Your title implies a post about Dettifoss, a waterfall in Iceland. The images you use are from Fiordland National Park, New Zealand...

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