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Mexico has a lot to offer. Among the many things: incredible pyramids - builder: unknown.

Have you seen our Adventures on the Road yet?

Our path took us to some pyramids - La Zona Arqueológica Plazuelas.





The building style of the pyramids is very interesting. It is almost like they were built from the inside out, and later layers have been added.


Not to mention the stunning view one had from the plateau.


Imagine an ancient Latin American priest cuts your still beating heart out with a knife like that. Scary.


The stonework was breathtaking as well. How did they manage to smooth the surface like that? These were not simple people...


On our tour, we listen to Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock. He has a very interesting theory about a lost civilisation, which supposedly built these pyramids thousands of years ago.

Thank you once again for consuming the content.

Leave us a comment to get in touch with us. What do you think about the theory of the lost civilisation?

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Love ❤️ your pictures!! @adventurehealing


Thanks ;) We have a lot more in the pipeline