Two Places You Should Visit At Night In The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur

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Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and it's also the busiest metropolitan city in the country. Malaysia is well known for a few things, especially the food scene. Most of the tourists that have visited Kuala Lumpur or other states in the country will always mention that the food is great.

Hence, one of the things you should do is to explore the food scene. If you want an affordable Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki, head over to Pavilion Mall. At the top of the mall, you'll notice a Tokyo Street (which isn't that big of a place) but you'll find a couple of Japanese restaurants there. Not truly Malaysian but a popular restaurant among the locals.

1. Suki-ya

I highly recommend Suki-ya as it's quite affordable (slightly less than $10). It's an all-you-can-eat restaurant where you can order refills of beef, chicken and lamb. They have sushi and other food that are self-service as well which will be mentioned below. That said, there's a time limit of 2 hours.

You are given the choice of choosing 2 out of 4 soup bases, i.e. sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, miso soup and kimuchi.

I chose sukiyaki and shabu-shabu the other day as they are my favorites. Sukiyaki is the one on the left and it's much sweeter than shabu-shabu.

This is the raw lamb. They are sliced really thinly and it cooks in just a matter of seconds. Just dip the meat into the boiling soup and you can eat it soon after.

This one is their raw chicken. It takes slightly longer to cook compared to the beef and the lamb.

The beef is sliced really thinly as well and cooks as quickly as the lamb. They're all pretty good to be honest.

Their sushi finishes pretty quickly since everyone wants a piece of it, but they replenish it very often.

They have an array of ingredients for you to choose from, and all of them have to be cooked in the soup. You'll find different types of mushroom as well.

Some corn, mushrooms and salad for the soup.

Here's what it looks like when you put all of the ingredients together! There isn't much meat because we eat the meat almost instantaneously. Once the meat is cooked, dip it into their super awesome sauces.

The one on the left is my favorite. Its spiciness and saltiness complements the meat really well. The one on the right is sweeter but I'm not really fond of it.

For dessert, they have a self-service softserve machine where you can choose either chocolate, matcha or a mix. This one's a mix of both and I added some nuts at the top.

Once you're done with a very heavy meal, you can walk over to KLCC on an overhead bridge. It's directly connected to Pavilion Mall and it's a 20 - 30 minutes walk depending on your walking speed. You'll reach KLCC Aquaria first and continue walking until you reach the Suria KLCC mall.

Head over to the KLCC Park and it's a great spot for night photography!

2. KLCC Park

The park is located right at the back of the mall and there's a musical fountain in the mini lake. What's nice about the place are the lights at night and you'll see plenty of skyscrapers in the background.

I personally loved seeing the colorful fountain lights and buildings lit up at the back.

This is the back of the Suria KLCC mall. What's great about the place is that there are restaurants and drinking places outside which is cool if you want to chill and hang out.

I edited all of the photos to make them darker as it reduces the noise (pixellation) in the photos.

You can actually take a picture of the Petronas Twin Towers from the park. It's basically one of the most well-known landmarks in Malaysia. It's beautifully lit up at night but they switch off the lights nearing midnight. You can get a better angle of it if you're further in the park.

When the music starts, the water shoots up much, much higher and it's great for taking photos.

So what do you guys think about the two places I mentioned above? Have you visited Malaysia before?

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Wow such an amazing post with all the yummy dishes and beautiful photography... thanks for sharing.

Oo very beautiful places :)

One of my favorite cities to visit. Nothing beats the street food in KL!
Cost of living is very cheap too!

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This is my picture of twin towers :) Kuala Lumpur is one of my favorite city..

the food images are really mouth watering! and when i saw the corn! Gosh, I feel like I want to eat one right now.

the fountain colours and palace lights are very beautiful.
The food looks good and seems very lite. In my country food is more heavy...

I will be there in about 3 1/2 weeks yay! Thank you for the tips...

Hey ,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

Please help in funding in the sector of the education

Wow!..........Malaysia is indeed a place to be, it is now listed in my world tour....Thanks @adsactly for an exceptional content....please just for the sake of us that love good food, next time get the "how to make such meals for us to DIY"....kidding.

Now i just thirst for the sukiyaki and shabu - shabu.

KL is a nicely decorated city with so many colorful lights.. the city is also big with so many spacious roads and car parking lots making the city almost traffic jam free.. The only thing I didn't like about KL during my short stay were the people.. with such a big diversity of people, racism is very high in the city

Wow! Great post. Hopefully, I'll visit Malaysia one day. I've read amazing things about this country.
Check out @ryanne to see my travel photography :)

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I have been here but did not try the good. Just did some shopping

No doubt its very beautiful place to visit

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed...

The food looks so yummy! And I love the lights on the fountain.

The food is my area of interest, I sighted some irresistible meals. A close friend live there. I am going to ask him about these places.
Good post

Wow.. @adsactly

Just enjoy your life. Supported you.

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Awesome article! I just started my own. It's about the journey of my life across the world! Check it out! Let me know what you think!

Looks great and tasty:)
Will be great if you can follow me as well, as I'm planning of start writing about my travels soon,

Nice photos. The food looks delicious.

@adsactly, I have been to klcc and klcc park. I, unfortunately, ​did not have such awesome food. Hope to try out whenever I visit KL.

Thanks for the post, I am following your blog now. Check my blog

Those pictures are awesome. Seems like the people around the place are really enjoying the food and park.

Amazing article, just enjoyed your post :)
have a wish to visit these types of places :)

what a nice photo background cities

Que lindas fotos .. y lugares hermosos Dios jehova los bendiga. :)

Nice place.

Wow... Wish i cud go there...

It is very interesting. specially i like Malaysian so much.

You can vote me please

i was in Malaysia last September.. I saw the fountain, but I never got the chance to visit your recommended restaurant.. food looks yum! I'll make sure to visit it next time

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