Baina beach - the beauty of sea

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Baina beach is a large arc-shaped beach located near to Vasco da gama city of Goa. It lies about 1 km. from Vasco city. This beach is not a hot spot for the visitors and one will hardly find tourists here. But the beauty of the beach lies in the same fact that very fewer people visit here.


Recent past of Baina beach:

Baina beach was in limelight in early 2000. This place was actually infamous for its red light area and was a hub of prostitutes and brothels. This was a place of dumping garbage and one of the most littered beaches of the Goa. This beach was just meant for visiting labor class people and was one of the dirtiest beaches of Goa. And this place required a big transformation.
In 2004, the government took major steps, cleared the prostitutes and brothels from the nearby area of the Baina beach. Currently, this is the most beautiful beaches of Goa

What to expect from this beach:

  • One will find the blue water here, almost crystal clear water.
  • Crystal clear water on the beach makes it safe and preferred place for swimming.
  • This beach is now one of the cleanest beaches of Goa and one enjoys the real beauty of the beach.
  • Sand of the beach is so clear, one does not need to find a neat place to sit or lay down.
  • One will hardly find visitors here, so, it proves to be a good place for meditation and feeling oneself.
  • Two beautiful Islands can be seen from here. Bat and Grand Island. BAT island used to be a favorite getaway destination for tourists. Recently the navy has seized control of the island and access to it is restricted. There are few calendar dates and specific timing(early morning) to visit these Islands.
  • Lot of birds, coconut trees, a temple nearby, and a port like a platform, an Island, surrounded by the hill. All this makes it a beautiful destination for a photography.





What not to expect:

  • This beach is away from commercialization. So, it's not a shopping place.
  • There are no shacks or restaurant nearby, so you need to pack your own stuff to the beach. And make sure not to litter the place.
  • This place is also not within public transport reach. So, you need to hire a private vehicle.



How to reach to Baina:

Baina beach is just 1 Km away from "Vasco da gama" city of Goa and very near to Dabolim, Goa airport.

How to reach to Goa:

By air:

Goa has its own international airport in Dabolim which is very well connected to almost all cities of India and good connectivity with the major cities of other parts of the world.

By rail:

Goa has multiple railway stations like Vasco, Madgao etc. which is again very connected to all major cities of India.

By road:

Very good road connectivity with nearby states like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka etc.

Why should we travel?:

  • Wisdom can be achieved by gaining knowledge.
  • Knowledge comes from information
  • Information becomes possible because of Data.
  • Data comes to us from observations.
  • We become more observant when we travel and gather information. Hence it's one of the paths to gain knowledge and step towards wisdom.

Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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Looks great!

Hi adsactly,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

Great trip with wonderful photos. Nice to see everything with your own eyes.

oh wow..a concise but packed with information @adsactly!! thank you for sharing, it is a lovely is the weather normally there?

muy bonito paisaje

Nature is always a beauty.

I traveled to Goa by rail, from Kerala... The train itself was such a great experience, but then Goa was even more than it promised to be! Stunning and beautiful, peaceful and mellow... It was fun to rent a moto and buy petrol from old water bottles! Oh, and the Goa Market, that is a must! And always smile when you haggle... :)

Great article...lovely beaches... but are they as good as the beaches in the north of England? Well possibly...but hey ...just a mile from my home... this has good to be up there with the best..:-!/v/godfatherofsalsa/kwbgtnrs

Very beautiful! India is at the top of my travel list and i have heard good things about the south of india! also the food!!!!!!! cant wait for that adventure

What a secret treasure for the local people. Glad the government took things in hand. They don't usually make improvements for the regular folks. They must be very proud of their beautiful beach. Thank you for bringing it. Peace.

It´s like a dream! Good job @adsactly!

Orada olmak vardı suan.hemen acardim bir bira oturur etrafi izlerdim... @bahadirk ile tavla da oynardik.eee turklugumuzu de gosterecez elbet... @ebruaydogdu da begenir orali tahminimce. Mesela benim oralarda iş imkani olsa direkt dusunmeden tası tarağı toplar giderim.tam benlik bi hayat deniz kum gunes...eglence de tabiki....aslinda en guzeli de 4 ay eşek yukuyle dogalgaz faturasi vermezdim 😀

Jeez. I just havent been in love with tourism since childhood maybe cos of finance. Guess this pictures juwt reminded me what am missing.


If you be like a Heaven..
You have see Sabang Island Brother.

I wish to visit here

Really Amazing!!! You remind my memories. I was there last year and had a very very great time. And i also started my blog about my travel experience of already visited 83 countries. I have a tons of moments which i will share with you same like you shared.

Great view of beach. I have lots of photos of that beach and other places.


Amazing Photos just wow ...!!

Wow!!! Baina beach is super lovely. Looks like some sort of fantasy or dream land.
I love your quotes

Why should we travel?
Wisdom can be achieved by gaining knowledge.
Knowledge comes from information
Information becomes possible because of Data.
Data comes to us from observations.
We become more observant when we travel and gather information. Hence it's one of the paths to gain knowledge and step towards wisdom.

I have heard wonderful things about india but never been there ı would like to be in future good job :D

It seems a secluded place, when I visited Goa I did not go here.

thats a great place..your all post i see..and i love it...can i resteemit your blog??

This is beautiful place and more beautiful post! I upvoted and I will follow you ;) Also, I would really appreciate if you could check out my profile :)

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beautiful post

I hear about Goa this beach before but don't see this Amazing captured photo, you have really well-click hand. this view is Awesome thanks for sharing this Amazing photography sir @adsactly

Nice photos and travel details...

Nice place to be

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Interesting post

This looks like paradise on earth! Just pure freedom, I love it

Nice job keeping it up

Nice pictures. Any suggestions on stay near the beach? I am planning to drive to this place after reading your post. I have been to Goa so many times but mostly to north Goa.

nice trip and wonderful photo, continue

Planning a trip to Goa this Jan..great advice!

#til about Goa .. I was like .. where on earth is that?

I love beaches free of commercialization -- much more relaxing (what beaches are really for!), this place looks like heaven

Good job men
Have a nice day


Beautiful... I will be in India in a month :)

The beach is very nice and I would like to spend the next summer holiday

i love your travel stories ^_^

This beach is located in India?

What a lovely place to visit. Would love to visit some day and take lots of pictures.

@adsactly Goa is cool place) What about cows ? Are they also on this beach as everywhere in Goa ?

@adsactly great post, very informative, thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing, and thank you for the information on this beautiful location.

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote plus a resteem

I do not agree with the section "Why should we travel?", don't you think wisdom is more than just getting knowledge?

Other than that, great article, lovely beach.
I really mean it, I don't even like beaches.

What a pretty beach!

I like the fact how a ugly place at first could be transformed into such an amazing piece of heaven.

Thanks for sharing. Very interesting history.

Thanks for sharing, exactly the kind of beach I love! Although now that you've posted this article there might a few crowds of steemians will be vsiting it for sure. I will, if I ever go to Goa, which I am hoping to. It was a great idea to add ways to get there at the end of your post, not too many people think about doing that!

Amazing place. A newbie here from Bangalore. Please do follow. Thanks.

It looks and sounds like a very lovely beach without all the hustle we used to. I don't mind to pack my stuff with me if I got this for that 😊👍