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Ellora caves: the home to beautiful in-carvings - part1

Caves of Ellora are pretty famous in the world for it's beautiful in-carvings. These caves are actually monasteries and temples. These caves are considered to be the largest rock-cut temples-monastery in the world and also comes under "UNESCO world heritage site". It is situated on the western ghats. Ellora caves come under protection from Archeological survey of India(ASI)


History of Ellora Caves:

Ellora name came from an ancient word "Elura" or "Elapura" and it means "greatness of the edifice"

These caves consist of the monument from three different religions, Hindu, Buddha, and Jains. These caves are dated in the range from 600-1000 CE. There are more than 100 caves on this Ellora site, Out of these, only 34 caves are open to public.

These 34 caves include:

  • There are 12 Buddist caves numbering from cave 1 to cave 12.
  • 17 Hindu caves numbered from cave 13 to cave 29.
  • And 5 Jain caves numbered from cave 30 to cave 34.


These caves represent the deities and mythologies of their own religions. Ellora caves were constructed to present their life and values of the "deities". Hindu and Jain caves are mostly having Shiva's idols while Buddhism has "Buddha" in preaching postion. These caves of different religions are present in the same proximity and it is difficult for an archeologist to tell about the chronological order in which these caves were constructed.

The dating of these caves is opinionated whether Buddhism or Hindu caves were constructed first. A broad consensus based on the various other caves, other temples in-carving in Deccan region(Western Ghats) suggests that construction of Ellora was done in various periods:

  • Early Hindu period: 550 - 600 CE
  • Buddhist period: 600 - 730 CE
  • Later Hindu phase
  • Jain Phase: 730 - 950 CE



Geography of Ellora Caves:

Ellora caves are situated 29 Kilometers from Aurangabad, which one of the major city of Maharashtra and about 120 Kms from Ajanta caves, which are an epic example of the Buddist monastery and in-carvings.

These caves are made up of Basalt rocks. These basalt rocks were formed from the volcano activities. The basaltic "lava" of the volcano over the time was cooled down by nature and multi-layered basal rock structures were formed. All these cases are constructed and in carved from those rocks.




Nearby places to visit:

Ajanta and Ellora caves are major attractions of tourism because of their ancient and beautiful in-carvings and a gigantic structure of Kailasa temple, which is one of the largest monolithic in-carved structure in the entire world. Apart from these Caves, one should also visit these places which are very near to Ellora caves.

  • Ghrishneshwar Jyotirlinga Shiva Temple: This is amongst the 12 Jyotirlinga of Shiva and just at a walkable distance from Ellora.

  • Bhadra Maruti temple: This belongs to Lord Hanuman in resting(lying on the floor) position. Nowhere in the world, one can see Lord Hanuman in the posture.

  • Dhaultabad fort: One of the gigantic forts constructed by cutting an entire mountain

  • Bibi Ka Maqbara: It is a smaller version of Taj Mahal(which is amongst the seven wonders of the world) and is in Aurangabad city which is about 29 Kms from Ellora caves.

  • There are few more places to visit which include Chini Mahal, Pavan-chakki etc.

More tourists, more damage to heritage sites:

Although these places are under ASI, but, a lot of irresponsible visitors coming to this place is actually a threat to these heritage sites. A site like Ellora which is very huge and difficult to maintain by a group of people is highly likely to get damaged by people visiting the place. So, please be responsible and try to avoid at least these things while visiting these heritage sites:

  • Avoid writing or changing the inscriptions.
  • Avoid climbing on monuments and in-carving for sake of good photographs.
  • Do not damage in-carvings, pillars of these caves.
  • Ellora site also has a beautiful garden surrounding all over the front side of the side. Keep it clean.



Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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Amazing pictures! Thanks for the tour.

Looks amazing. I would like to see this in the future.


Yes, I also seen this place. Amazing place to visit. You can see this place in India. Location : state- Maharashtra, District- Aurangabad.

It is astonishing to see these pictures and imagining the skills of their creators. So much talent those guys had even with no advanced technolgy.


@cryptokraze Or maybe they did have advanced technology that we know nothing about? Those stones look like they were cut by etxremely advanced technology. Looks like laser or sound technology!


I was there a few years back. It really gets your imagination working when trying to figure out how they created the entire thing and why. There are many great mysteries yet to be discovered on this planet. You should check out the Voynich Code as well.. not really related but one knows who created that either.


@thejohalfiles I will definitely look the Voynich Code up, I've heard about this before but never looked into it. Thanks for the info!

To me artifacts like this are evidence of advanced ancient civilizations. Too much cover-up has taken place throughout history. No need for a vivid imagination to realize this. History books were always written by monarchs.


I see that you have not made a post yet? I would like to hear your story about how you started on Steemit!


@thejohalfiles really good comment
If u dont mind please have a look on my work at photography @thejohalfiles (


You have a point mate


Yea I know it's cool to see pictures like these. There way cool but they even have secrets.


Yeah the secrets, specially if we look at Ghiza pyramid. we cannot simply imagine how would they have done it.

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Hey ,
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You are lucky that you have been there. I hope I can get to see it next year by steemit.

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Wow ! Its amazing place !!
Agree with your view "More tourists, more damage to heritage sites". We can find such heritage sites here in Nepal too .
Congratulation for the grate chance to chance to visit this place !!
Thank you guys for sharing here ! @adsactly and @qagiri !

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Nice Place. I have also visited this place before one month. I leave in Aurangabad which is only 23 miles away from Ellora.

Beautiful heritage site. I also love to travel.

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@adsactly They say traveling feeds the soul and kills racism. Thanks for another wonderful post! Keep spreading useful information! Appreciated. And keep having fun on your journeys!

Highest Regards

in Indonesia also has many statues like this.

Nice and clear photographs of the ancient place ! I feel you enjoyed the place. You might have visited Ajanta Caves also which nearby to Ellora caves. You will have lasting memories for the places. Thanks for sharing and it's wonderful.

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This is really amazing view to watch. Early people are really artistic and creative. The site is really fantastic which everyone will absolutely love. Kudos to the people who discovered and preserved it. This is such a world class destination. Thank you to the author of this article because of him we are able to see the beauty of every part of the world. Thank you and more power. keep on sharing the beauty of nature.

I'm amazed by the craftsmanship of our ancient ancestors. I am trying to figure out how these were made. You can find similar sites around the world but this one is really impressive.

I like to stretch my imagination and think they had some advanced technology that we don't have, but I do this for entertainment and wishful thinking hahah.

Nice blog post. I would like to visit India one day because I am currently in China and it isn't too far to travel to.

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I'm interested in the artwork of buddhists. It's so great religious heritage.

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Beautiful travelling place at all to see the pictures. Ajanta and Ellora caves are major attractions of tourism because of their ancient and beautiful in-carvings and a gigantic structure of Kailasa temple, which is one of the largest monolithic in-carved structure in the entire world. Apart from these Caves, one should also visit these places which are very near to Ellora caves.thanks for sharing such a good post

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I have never been to Ellora, would definitely like to travel once. I agree one thing you mentioned in your article that is damages done by the tourists to these monuments. It is our duty to see that these special ancient heritage sites should be preserved and should be treated nice by the tourists. Nice post and photographs. Thanks for sharing

Look how beautiful the carvings are, we've come a long way

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@adsactly great post, thanks for sharing. Ive always wanted to visit these caves, but all of my trips to india have been up in the Himalayas, would love to see a post if you have one from that part of the world?

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Hello @adsactly ,
Thanks for sharing this nice post. For me is really exciting since I had been studying Buddhism more than 7 years, and I can spot, the Buda that appears in this pictures of the temple is Buda Maitreya (The Buda who will come the next eon), normally we can find this Buda sitting on a throne with both feet on the ground. I had been reading about this cave and also we can find Buddha Tara, Avalokitesvara (loving Eyes) and Manjushri.

Thanks for sharing about this topics, I will keep an eye on your feed.
All the best

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