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Ellora caves: the home to beautiful in-carvings - part2

This write-up is the 2nd and the last part of the Ellora caves visit. In the part1, we discussed history, the geography of Ellora caves in overall and what the nearby places one can visit along with the visit to Ellora caves.

As discussed in the last blog, the 34 caves which are publically opened to visit belongs to three different religions, Hindu, Buddhism, Jainism.

Cave 1 to Cave 12:

Ellora caves are spread in a length of more than 2 Kms and caves starting from cave 1 to cave 34, south to north. Cave 1 to 12 belongs to Buddhism. Previously these were considered to be the oldest among all the Ellora caves. But, recent studies by new scholars predict that these caves constructed after the Hindu caves. These caves were built in two phases.

  • Cave 1 to 5: developed in phase 1(400-600)
  • And, rest of the caves in phase 2(650-750).








Most of these caves are Viharas which were the prayer halls of that time. These caves also have shrines devoted to Gautam Buddha in preaching postures. These caves are multi-storeyed building at that time. These caves have in-carving of idols and mandals(a spiritual symbol in Buddhism which represents universe).

Cave no. 10 is also known as Vishvakarma cave. This cave is the most excellent example of the in-carved artwork of that time. The Lord Buddha with his disciples is in greeting posture. This cave is of two floors and has a gallery. On the front side of the gallery, there are postures of couples and animals. The artwork in this cave resembles like the modern day wooden carpentry and also known as "Carpentry cave."



Cave 2 and three were profoundly damaged due to time and number of irresponsible people visiting these caves. So, some of the parts of these caves are under maintenance.

Cave 13 to 29:

Cave 13 to 29 are Hindu caves and mostly devoted to Lord "Shiva." The construction of the Hindu caves completed in two phases. The sequence of the development of these Caves does not go with the cave numbers. Caves 14, 15 and 16 constructed at the end of the 2nd phase.

Cave 15, also known as "Dashavatara" has a structure similar to the cave 11-12 of Buddhist caves. Cave 11-12 also has few things identical to Hindu caves structures. Archeologists believe that these similarities are due to the same set of architects and workers worked on these sites.






Cave 16, known as "Kailasa" is the largest monolith monument in-carved from a huge single rock. The huge size and robustness of this temple astonish people around the world. This temple has many Hindu deities but mostly devoted to Lord "Shiva."

Other caves also contain idols of Hindu deities. Cave 29 which is one of the earliest excavation was constructed at the bank of a lake and waterfall. Most of these caves are dedicated to Lord "Shiva" and has "Shiva-Linga"(rock cut linga-yoni).






Cave 30 to 34:

On the extreme north of the Ellora, there are Jain caves numbered from 30-34. These were excavated in a 9th and 10th century. These caves were built after Hindu and Buddhist curve, so are influenced by those architectures. But, these very caves have finer and highly detailed carvings. One of the caves (30) is the smaller version of Kailasa temple(cave 16 of Hindu religion) and also known as "Chotta Kailasa."



Cave 32 which is also known as "Indra Sabha" is a two-story cave and excavated monolithic. This cave contains the textual records of Jain worships used to happen here.

Cave 33 is the "Jagannatha" cave and is the most significant Jain cave. This cave is also two-storeyed with multiple big pillars. These pillars are full of detailed and more exceptional carvings.







These caves are ~1 Km from Hindu caves, and public transportation is also provided from cave 16 to reach to these Jain caves.

How to reach to Ellora Caves:

Aurangabad is the nearest big city to Ellora caves. Most of the people come to Aurangabad and then go to Ellora caves.
Ellora caves are ~30 Km from Aurangabad. After reaching to Aurangabad, one can take public bus transport or hire a taxi to reach to Ellora caves.

How to reach to Aurangabad:

By Air:

There is a domestic airport in Aurangabad which is well connected to all major cities of India directly or through connecting flights. Mumbai is the nearest international airport from where a flight to Aurangabad can be taken.

By Road:

Aurangabad itself is a big city and connected to all major cities of Maharashtra and nearby states by road. One can use public/private bus service or can hire a private taxi to reach to Aurangabad.

By rail:

Aurangabad also has a railway station. One can book a train from any major city from India to Aurangabad. If train from a particular city is not available, one can book a train to Mumbai and then to Aurangabad.

One can also go to Ellora caves from Mumbai, the financial city of India, by taking a direct bus service.

Keep Travelling

Authored by: @qagiri

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What a terrible shame that the beauty of this historic site was defaced because of the usual war monger mentality. It seems pretty obvious to me, looking at all these megalithic structures and sculptures, that at the time, these people knew how to "industrialize" many forms of corrosive acids, and manipulate the liquids behavior to eat away at the stone. Essentially making tools like chisels and picks obsolete. It would also explain the lack of tool marks at all these locations. We are simply underestimating our ancestors ingenuity.


Very true!!
Even if UNESCO and ASI are taking major steps to save these sites, but, we still need people's attention to make this happen. We all need to come together to save our past and historical monuments


today people start remember and value and one day our culture grow. no more shit in museums!


yes me too, if u love the history place, please come to Cambodia, we have alot of beautiful temple such as Angkorwat temple.




The beauty of this place is difficult to express in words. we tried our best to express :)


Success!! Thanks for the reply. Following!


OF COURSE, it's amazing... I can see you are interested in travel.. I think you need to travel a place you haven't. check this out.

yes we also seen ur last post about these posts such the world best and great underground caves and i m so impress to see these caves this is the world best example of art of caves and i sure there are not other caves like these in whole world like these i really appriciate those who made these also thanx to share with us and i see it first time in ur post @adsactly sir

merry christmass


No doubt, these carvings are one of the best examples of great arts across the globe. Some of the in-carving is very fine and seems like impossible to achieve by using chisels. People of that time might had some more advanced tools.

I wanna go

Fabulous place!

This is such a beautiful historical site. I would definitely look forward to visiting Elora cave one day.


It's a natural place for journey, when yo intend to go there mind will free from difficulties and feeling fresh @adsactly


They say life is a book and those who do not travel read only a page... great post... Keep it coming :)


I loved this comment. @feimandcharm started following you :)

woww it's really so much exciting and interesting post with awesome historical photography. My religion is Buddhist and I am really happy to see all of the pictures including your great article which is written by you. Thanks a lot man for this awesome, super post. Yeah, you just mention whole address with full information. Now easily anybody can visit there. And personally, i will visit there in future. So I Resteemed your post.Because i don't wanna to forget it....


Thanks for this lovely comment :)
Ajanta caves are completely an art work from Buddhism. we might want to have a look about those caves as well


we have alot of temples in Cambodia

Wow, did you visit the site and take the pictures your self? Regardless, the photos and the architecture is breath taking. It truly shows what man kind is capable! Very beautiful to say the least. Keep up the great work mate, I will definitely stop by more often :)


Thanks a ton for appreciating the efforts. architecture is truly exceptional. Such dense and fine in carving makes it even more beautiful


It was a great pleasure looking at it :)

The art and artists of Ellora Cave makes me astonished.


most of us will agree to this :)

It is really nice ! I love everything that is historical and I always wonder how people at the time can do such things !

Merry Christmas @adsactly !


Merry Christmas :)


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My hometown is Aurangabad.. I have been to Ellora and Ajanta caves many times. Thank you so so so much for such a beautiful post.


Nice to meet you. I wish to have a post from you on "lunar eclipse". I could not visit that place due to time constraints. I will plan to visit this place sooner. :)


If you plan to visit in January please let me know.. I am going back to India in January.. It will be my honor to host you.. also I will show you hidden gems of aurangabad like.. "bibi ka muqbara " which is an exact replica of Taj Mahal made by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb.

Recently visited this place in the month of november. travelled all the way from hyderabad to shirdi and shirdi to ellora caves. Havent you clicked the large shiva linga ? Would love to see that if you have the pic ?

I wonder how they made it at the old ages?


True!! Everyone wonders about such fine arts and gigantic structures

Wow..Thoses are awesome.. thanks so much for sharing

such structures that were created by manual labor and are architectural sights .... they are simply hypnotic and have a certain atmosphere that is beyond the control of time ... all my life I dreamed of visiting such places to re-energize these places ... thanks to very interesting photos and attractive places that clearly deserve attention ...

all time his post are great

a nice classic picture in my opinion we have to keep it together it’s a world haritage

Amazing sculptures. All made of stone. A lot of time spent on their production. All made by hand.
Everything must be preserved for posterity.


True!! we should take all measures to preserve our history!!

really interesting information given. Traveling is not just a walk, but also provide useful information. I really like this article

The Caves look amazing. The Jains are quite an interesting faith in India. They are largely known for their prowess in business dealings but the devout place something covering their mouths lest some poor insect is accidentally inhaled in. They literally believe in the ideal: "Don not hurt another sentient being".

wow.That's great! very nice my friend...!!!!

great post. my lovely friend @adsactly

Great stuff! I wish I could visit this beautiful country one day! Greetings from Spain! :)

Salut je trouve que t'on article que tu à poster et génial je pense que tu pourrais avoir beaucoup plus d'abonnés que sa bonne continuation.

long history.

hi new friends, help me to get a lot of upvote yes. because I'm a new person at @steemit. thanks for the help of my friend.

Beyond amazing, love how we can learn so much from out ancestors. Much appreciated. Loving the travel posts.. followed.

Interesting to see caves and world heritage!

nice to see this..

Your post is so good and standard. I am just upvote your post plz upvote my poste @hrishikesh

It is an ancient place. Breathtaking views. On the planet so many interesting places that are worth a visit! Would rather be rich and go on a big trip!))))

always the best post here

I am a Buddhists. This place is where i have to go

amazing post thank you for sharing @rastalikelove

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very nice sharing congratulations

This is pretty amazing - the details and the painstaking work they did so many years ago, the symbolism laying in this cold rocks, the beliefs and sweat poured for them. really impressive - I feel like in our era you will not people willing to take the time and pay the price to make such monuments for no apparent monetary revenue.

In India - please take a trip to some fabrics market, their fabrics are amazing, high quality with intricate embroidery - BUT they are actually very very cheap!

Nice! I want to go there! I love exploring caves.

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I have visited the Ajanta Ellora caves and they stand out for its architecture that is almost 2000 years old.

Thank you for sharing your experience!!

Wow so was sollte man sich in Natur ansehen!

amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing your experience, it will be helpful when traveling there!
Always worth a read :)

Nice post! This is very good idea helpful to us. Lol

this place reminds me of the village hidden in the stone. such great skill in the archetecture and sculpting! I hope to one day create something like this.

I've been to these caves, especially during the evening times you feel like there's something eerie there..Maybe ghosts of something!

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I have never seen such scenes in the picture before, I saw a very good view, I want to see me directly.. @adsactly

We have similar statues in Algeria


It's a nice one. You should also write about it

beautiful photos.. I can only imagine that hard work people had to put into that amazing reliefs..

The History behind the Hindustan cave. Nice one

Love the caves.

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I want to go to India so bad! So many great posts on Steemit about it.


happy new Years

Impressive Pictures !!!

Las personas que han logrado visitar estás cuevas , independientemente de su religión habrá recreado en sus mentes todas esas personas del pasado sus ceremonias y tributos. Sin duda lugares que tienen sus encantos para diferentes gustos.

Truly amazing the skill sets and attention to detail they had back then with such primitive tools and technology.

Always makes me wonder how much of our own understanding of these cultures have been lost during the passage of time. What beauty these have retained over the years.

yeah its really beautiful post. and @adsactly wrote in brilliant way which make the article more attractive.
keep writing and updating about beautiful information.

çok güzel gerçekten

Great post with very useful information about one of most attractive location in India Unfortunately during my stay in India I was not able to go there . I should visit the state Maharashtra and the caves Ajanta and Ellora Thanks for sharing

This is so friggen cool, @adsactly! My Adventure Partner, @mzbick, and I love to go see ruins, and explore our beautiful Earth! Thanks so much for sharing these pics! We'll be adding this to our travel board :)

Very amazing and beautifull, you are very lucky to go those place

These are beautiful and nice

Really cool post! My Adventure Partners @briangarcia just told me to come check out your post! Love all the info you give, and the images are stunning! Thanks for sharing, and inspiring us to go check out the Ellora Caves!

Wow, you have posted some beautiful and delightful photos. I am fascinated to see your views that you have chosen so much respect for the travel and prayer place which brings peace of life, in real life you are a good man and a great man appreciates some photos sharing for us. I wish to travel well. @adsactly


Thanks a ton. You should definitely travel to these places.

they are so beautiful! thanks for the article and the photos. Enjoy your trip too.

Interesting article, very good photographs, likewise I invite you to read this post for social work in Venezuela! Merry Christmas!! @adsactly

I have always wanted to be an archaeologist since my childhood..But I was an engineer :) I am always looking for historical sites, and there are a few articles about. It these structures I wonder about most are what these symbols mean. In fact, is not this heritage that they abandoned years ago, a treasure?


To me as well, its a treasure :)

awesome photogrophy

I love to travel, and it is people like you who keep be teased so that i travel even more. thank you for the story and photos, my friend.

Thanks for sharing and allowing us to "travel" with you.

These are amazing! Great collection @adsactly <3 <3

Awesome pictures

I am a big #fan of you
keep it up

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the main reason we became musicians is to become adventurers and travel the universe! this is beautiful to see ancient artists as a whole society create a timeless masterpiece that has lasted ages to still to this day bring out the emotions of these people long after they've walked this mysterious world of ours.

I am From India and i am proud to have these type of so many beautiful things in my country..!!!

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amazing its very beautiful and historical ,nice post and thanks for sharing with us

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