Biskupin : Fortified Iron Age Settlement / Befestigte Siedlung aus der Eisenzeit

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Hello lovely Steemians !


Here I want to present to you the Settlement of Biskupin in Poland. This settlement is an amazing life-sized archaeological reconstruction of a fortified Iron Age settlement (900-650 BC).


Hier möchte ich euch die Siedlung Biskupin vorstelken die man in Polen besuchen kann. Diese Siedlung ist eine erstaunliche lebensgroße archäologische Rekonstruktion einer befestigten Siedlung aus der Eisenzeit (900-650 v. Chr.).


The whole excavation site has a size of 2,500 m^2 and features two settlements, one from the Bronze Age and one from the Iron Age. The one that you can see here, is the later one that was reconstructed after its discovery in the early thirties.


Die gesamte Ausgrabungsstätte hat eine Größe von 2.500 m^2 und umfasst zwei Siedlungen, eine aus der Bronzezeit und eine aus der Eisenzeit. Die, welche Ihr hier seht ist die spätere, die nach ihrer Entdeckung in den frühen dreißiger Jahren rekonstruiert wurde..


The whole fortified settlement had a rectangular shape and featured a total of eleven streets, each 3 m wide, and approximately 100 oak and pine log-houses (8 m x 10 m) for 10 persons each. In addition the whole settlement was surrounded by a palisade that was builed on a rampard of oak boxes filled with earth.


Die gesamte befestigte Siedlung hatte eine rechteckige Form und verfügte über insgesamt elf Straßen mit einer Breite von jeweils 3 m und ungefähr 100 Blockhäusern aus Eichen- und Kiefernholz (8 m x 10 m) für jeweils 10 Personen. Darüber hinaus war die gesamte Siedlung von einer Palisade umgeben, die auf einer mit Erde gefüllten Mauer aus Eichenholzkisten errichtet wurde.


The whole fortified settlement is situated on the marshy peninsula in Lake Biskupin, which you can see in the next picture. This is also the reason why all streets were covered by wooden planks. From here I took a short walk into the reconstructed market and trading place.


Die gesamte befestigte Siedlung liegt auf der sumpfigen Halbinsel im Biskupinsee, was Ihr hier auf dem oberen Bild sehen können. Dies ist auch der Grund, warum alle Straßen mit Holzbrettern bedeckt waren. Von hier aus habe ich dann einen kurzen Spaziergang in den rekonstruierten Markt und Handelsplatz gemacht.


This market place was really beautiful and large. Althought I have to say that all the buildings were closed and so far this whole archeological site was fairly empty. But I met this cute pig here ^^


Dieser Marktplatz war sehr schön und weitläufig. Allerdings muss ich sagen, dass leider alle Gebäude geschlossen waren und bis zu diesem Moment diese ganze archäologische Stätte ziemlich leer war. Aber ich habe dieses süße Schwein hier getroffen ^^


I was really fasciniated about that amazing oven here that looked so stylish. Then on my way back through the forrest I spotted some other nice log-houses and in the end those seven pillars. Iam quite sure that they should be an example of the used architecture and materials of that time, but from a few steps away they looked like some wooden mushrooms, hehe ;)


Ich war wirklich fasziniert von diesem tollen Ofen da er wirkluch sehr stylisch aussieht. Auf dem Rückweg durch den Wald entdeckte ich dann noch einige andere schöne Blockhäuser und am Ende diese sieben Säulen. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass sie ein Beispiel für die verwendet Architektur und die Materialien dieser Zeit sein sollten, aber von ein paar Schritten entfernt sahen sie aus wie riesige Holzpilze, hehe;)


I hope that you enjoyed this little time travel through Biskupin, the fortified Iron Age settlement in Poland. For me as a history and travel enthusiast it was an amazing tour.


Ich hoffe, dass euch diese kleine Zeitreise durch Biskupin, die befestigte Siedlung aus der Eisenzeit in Polen, gefallen hat. Für mich als Geschichts- und Reiseliebhaber war es jedenfalls eine tolle Tour.




Best wishes,

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Old wooden structures look comfortable to live in, the wooden paving a great idea in swamp area keeping homes cleaner.

Funny structures that look like mushrooms, I wonder if these were used as outdoor refrigerators for storing food during winter months, very interesting location thanks @adalger great to see you on @travelfeed.

Thanks for writing this comment through!
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I never thought about that refrigarator idea, but I like it. It is soo nice to see how everything is made out of wood .. by far more beautiful and practical then concrete ;)

We have an old canvas tree hanging cooler from when we used to go camping, pour water in the top it drips slowly through thick canvas keeping everything a lot cooler.

Seeing those unusual small huts, living in a cold climate my first thought went to refrigerating meat, herbs, spices for winter months, each being used for a different item. Would be nice to know if this was the way they were used.

Next time that I will be travel through poland, probably next year, I will take a closer look at them. This for sure sounds like an amazing technique !

Amazing the way they built the walls, they are strange, it was funny that the ​​pig accompanied you hahahaha

Yes the walls are a bit strange .. but filling boxes with earth is really smart ^^

Nice place.

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Thank you rana ^^

That is a cool looking place to visit.

Hehe, it is .. you can spend the whole day there and relax in the past ;)

Amazing! So old and beautiful!

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It really is .. if I will be close there again I definitly will visit it again ^^ .. hope the pig will still be there ,)

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Wow .. thank you a lot for choosing my content ^^

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Thank you for taking us there. A place with such a rich history is a great place to visit. And this place has not failed to.amaze. It's beautiful, and neat, and I feel that it's a comfortable place to stay!

Thank you for sharing your travel with us. We were transported back in time. 😁

You are welcome .. I actually do not know why they were so few people on the site .. it is a beautiful spot to take a walk and ease you mind ^^ for that time it was really a huge settlement ;)

Hahaha! What a coincidence! Then you have all the time to meditate without unnecessary disturbance!!! 😊😊

Hehe .. there are days when I wish that we somehow could have evolved without all that technical equiptment, but that is complaining sitting on a golden egg ^^ .. for meditation this surely is a great place or for som indepth philosophical thoughts about our lifes here on earth ;)

Haha! 😂 Yeah, sometimes its good to try to live without those equipments. Life is less complicated. 😊

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Wow .. thank you a lot for appreciating my post ^^

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Thanks a lot for the upvote and the acknowledge ^^ .. it makes me happy to read this ;)

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Thank you for finding me ^^

Amazing place! I'm surprised that it looks so empty. I would expect such place to be crowded and busy with kids playing around.

I like when such settlements are recreated as we should not forget about our history :)

I like your photos, especially the one with the piggie :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely day!

Thank you ^^ .. I think the problem with historical sites is that only historical interested people like to visit them personally . And they grow fewer each generation as social presents becomes more influencial and you can experience history on tv series and games. I find it quite a pitty and catch myself very often complaining about inaccuracy and other things ^^ .. but as long there are just a few people that continue to preserve our history and culture I am happy .. thank you for stopping by and a wonderful weekend to you ;)