Sunset with Vitruvius

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I went to the beach in the company of my family and excellent friends, we had a luxurious time.

At one point we started jumping, clowning around enjoying an amazing sunset, taking as many pictures as we could think of. Suddenly my junior friend made a jumping figure, which I liked and imitated...

The days went by and I remembered the photos (which I hadn't seen), when I saw them I got hooked with one of the photos, it was my "strange jump", it made me remember that fantastic "drawing" by Leonardo da Vinci, vitruvian man.

Copia de Copia de IMG-20180530-WA0045.jpg
Original photo

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Original photo

I will never forget when I went to Venice, an extremely magical and unforgettable trip. In Venice you will find the original painting " vitruvian man". This "drawing" is marked by an apparent simplicity that conceals perfectly how deep and symbolic it really is. Without a doubt that reason alone makes Venice an obligatory destination to repeat in my near future (God and life allow me).

What better way to confirm the veracity of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio and Leonardo Da Vinci than by putting into practice the drawing of vitruvian man 😊 in other words, we inadvertently gave life to a drawing more than half a century old. A painting that says a lot about sacred geometry.

Original photo

The vitruvian man, famous work of the painter Leonardo Da Vinci. It is composed of two figures of a naked man, with the particularity that the extremities are slightly in different positions, added to that the figures are enclosed in a circle and a square at the same time.

This work dates from the fifteenth century (year 1.487) where the human proportions are masterfully shown in geometric terms, they call it "Sacred Geometry" or "Square of the circle" (esoteric point of view).

The Vitruvian Man, original painting (Wikipedia)

We are all entirely linked to the structure of what exists, from an atom to the greatness of the universe. We are all immersed in the structural laws of creation.

Sacred geometry explains the relationship that exists between everything that is created on a material level (physical world) and the unmanifest (spiritual, metaphysical). Nothing is isolated, on the contrary, everything is closely related.

The circle symbolically represents the spiritual state, the sublime, everything that is invisible to the human eye, there are those who call it heaven, others call it nirvana. The square represents the material state, the tangible and solid of creation, the earthly.

The human being has a very special and essential meaning, since it is the connection between the sublime and the material, between heaven and earth, between the circle and the square. That is why it is at the center of both the circle and the square.

The human being would be a combination of the spiritual and the material, this is called "Soul", which through consciousness and intuition guide us through the path of encounter with our true "I", the true being.

It is no coincidence that the center of the circle (spiritual center) is our navel, which is the geometric center of our body. The navel is the primordial connection with the being that gave us life, our mother. On the other hand, it is also no coincidence that the center of the square (earthly center) is our genitals, representing worldly and profane desires, but which in turn connect directly with the most powerful and primordial energies that control life and death.

… “If you spread your legs apart enough so that your height decreases 1/14 and you stretch and raise your shoulders until your fingers are at the level of the top edge of your head, you should know that the geometric centre of your separated extremities will be located in your navel and that the space between your legs will be an equilateral triangle... the beginning of the genitals marks half the man....”

Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (century I a.c.)

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I hope you have set your mind to fly ...




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Nice post! I aso liked the photo!

thank you beauty

great post @adalbertodrums I love your creativity and your picture is almost perfectly inline with vitruvian man, great job x

Thank you! good to read this kind of comments, I'm glad to know that some people get my humble way of distracting and spending the free time of my life. :-)

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