Last Night In the States!

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Last night was my final night in the States before we fly out for our 6 week adventure in Asia! Yesterday we took the bus from Sacramento to San Francisco to fly out of San Francisco Airport. Stayed the night at a friends house in S.F. and are getting ready to make our way to the airport for our mid day flight! (15).gif
We took the Mega Bus from Sacramento to San Francisco yesterday. (16).gif
We got some nice views of the bay as we entered into SF. The sun was starting to set and looked awesome behind the huge city buildings. (17).gif (18).gif

After getting off the bus we dropped our luggage off at our friends place and went to for burgers! We decided that burgers would be a good American meal before heading to Asia. I wonder if we will see many burger spots in Asia besides Mc Donalds lol.


The burgers were awesome! This place


20180112_205029.jpg (20).gif

@threebagsfull and I had some fun with some standing hand to hand!

I love motorcycles and I had to take a picture of this awesome Triumph.

Now we just got on the airplane. Our first layover is in Shanghai. It will be a 12 hour flight to China! I will see you all soon!


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I'm so excited for you guys!!! I know you're going to have a blast!!!!


Yeeah it is going to be awesome!! :)

Have a safe flight brother and enjoy your journey... It's the good moments and adventures we loving for ye? Stay safe.... ✌️🙏

Have a safe trip and a great trip!


Thanks man!

I love motorcycles and I had to take a picture of this awesome Triumph.

i think it was great adventure also great tour !

I hope your journey will be good and you will be able to reach your destination and you will enjoy whatever you like.

safe trip and have fun

you just opened my apatite ! :D This burger looks delicious !! Also the Dark chocolate cookie looks nice :))

Hope you realise how blessed you are buddy enjoy the 6 weeks of laziness...

Wow, I'm jealous. Great food, awesome sights. Thanks for sharing with us. Do you have your own motorcycle? Just started following you. That is a sweet Triumph!

McDonald's food looks so different now from what I remember of it seven years ago , I haven't been living there for that whole amount of time.

Nice photos, Safe journey boss

wow!travel is very nice..thanks for sharing your of luck.

I think it was a great trip :)

Pleasant trip...

Safe travel @acromott, @karensuestudios and @threebagsfull
And welcome to Asia:)

Asia will be good for you brother 😎 🌟🙏

Looks like ya'll did a real stunt her! haha (I just checked out your latest post.)