Sending @karensuestudios Off to London ! ✈️

in travel •  5 months ago

Sending @karensuestudios Off to London !

Yesterday @karensuestudios and I drove down to the bay area. Karen is flying to London for some epic travel adventures. She is flying out of San Francisco International airport. SFO airport is a lot bigger than Sacramento airport and international flights tend to be a lot cheaper out of San Francisco.

Before dropping off Karen at the airport we got to visit @goldmatters and goldfashion in Walnut Creek! It was awesome meeting and hanging out with these guys! It was so much fun talking about gold and Menē !!


Make sure to follow @karensuestudios on her travels through Europe! (3).gif

I hope you are all having an awesome day!!


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Miss you guys already! PS you can tell how much I go outside by how much i am squinting at the sun


Yesterday was super fun!!! We got to all hang out again soon

I am in the the bay area!!
Have fun and keep us updated @karenstdios!


you are? Lets make some steemit content together someday!!1 :)


Ok i am in berkeley

Wish you could join her..Would have been so much fun:(


Yeah THat would be cool. I have a lot I have to get done in town. It will be a fun trip for her :)