🤸 AcroYoga Chiang Mai Park meet up!

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Yesterday I got to practice AcroYoga with a ton of people in Chiang Mai!!
During this time of year there are a few different AcroYoga events going on in Chiang Mai. There is a Partner Acrobatics teacher training and a big AcroYoga festival in Bangkok. With all these things going on it brings many AcroYoga lovers out to beautiful Thailand!

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Old City Chiang Mai has a great park on the South West corner of the square. People practice many differnt activites at this park. People will jog around the park and exercise here. It is a great place to practice Yoga and AcroYoga. This is the daily meet up spot were people come together to practice AcroYoga!

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What I love the most about this AcroYoga meet up is how many people you meet from all over the world. It is so much fun to meet new friends from all over that share the same passion for AcroYoga. Ever if there is a language barrier, AcroYoga allows us to connect and play together.

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I got to meet some people yesterday that I have been following on Instagram! It is always awesome to finally connect in real life.

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The meet up went past time sunset. AcroYoga keeps us excited and no wanting to go home!
I will definetly be going back today to for more AcroYoga fun. I am looking forward to making some fun videos with some new friends.
Stay tuned to check out my AcroYoga content.

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!!!
Thanks so much for all your support!

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Good to see Acro yoga bringing people of diverse back grounds together...Passion possess that kind of power indeed...

Can I. Ask you how you are able to make pic or video right on your blog... Like you did this post.. I just don't get it... Haven't been able to upload to dtube on 3 days now... 😔🙏


Yeah the gifs are cool to make.
I like to use https://ezgif.com/maker :)


Wow, its amazing yoga dude


Thanks! :)

Wow so nice and so much to learn... Good people.. You know when the acro festival are in Bkk... I'm going to Pattaya tomorrow... Will meet lawyers on Monday... Then go to Bkk.. For a while... Maybe I can go to the acro festival.. If it's on... Enjoy your journey and live like it was no tomorrow... But think like you gonna live for ever.. Or something like that 😜Kap 🙏 ✌️🌟🎯


hahah Yes I like that moto! :)
The BKK acroyoga fest is Jan 27-28. It should be a good one. I am not sure if I will be in BKK area then or still down south.


Cool and thanks for info.. I will check it up... Enjoy the journey to the max ✌️😎🙏

yoga is good for health.

i love fitness, great post, i like your post, thanks for good sharing

A really nice post thank you for sharing

travel is my best passion and this post is little bit fun...

Wow ..... That's great

good article, I like to read it.diperbanyak more articles and continue to work, follow me @amirdesaingrafis

Well done yoga acro fun moments of moment in a park what a lark.

you guyz are doing fab
i always get amazed to watch
best best wishes for you all
God bless you all and @acromott

Wowaoo its really nice blog and wonderful
I like it and keep it up @acromott

Glad to see so many peoples are doing acro yoga in Chiang Mai Park. Yes sport has a universal language, only sport person understand the language. Yes it is always good to meet your net friend. your gif pics are amazing. @acromott