Mountain of the Gods ⛰️🌄

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Mount. PULAG

Mount Pulag is the third highest mountain in the Philippines. It is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,922 m above sea level. The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain's peak.

-BREATHTAKING captured views during the hike




  • There are 3 trails to choose from which all vary in difficulty level. You have the easy trail Ambangeg, Akiki which is a bit more challenging, and lastly, the strenuous Vizcaya trail which is only recommended to experienced hikers.

  • as you can see the trail we chose has wide enough space which is friendly for begginer hikers. So nothing to worry about.


  • once you go to the top, this is what you get. I can still feel the wind on my face just by looking at this pic. 😊


  • the satisfaction of reaching the top and seeing the famed sea of clouds made each step worth it.

I say it's really worth it and really worth the try! This adventure had been fun and I'm still looking forward to go back here for the second time . 😊


Ganda!! Ilang oras niyo na akyat sir? Plan ko rin sana umakyat jan kaso mukang di kaya ng day hike via Ambangeg kaya need ko pa mag ipon ng gamit hehe.