Maldives from the plane window seat

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The view of the Maldives from the sky was one of the most beautiful sights that I have ever seen.

maldives from the plane view1.jpg

maldives from the plane view2.jpg

maldives from the plane view3.jpg

maldives from the plane view4.jpg

As the plane approach to land, you could see endless small blue islands in different shades. I also highly recommend to arrive or leave from the airport in the day time.

maldives from the plane view5.jpg

These are some fancy resorts that you can get a view over of.. The tiny white thingy are the speedboat, a way of life in the islands nation..

maldives from the plane view6.jpg

Since the runaway of the airport is parallel to the shore, it also makes you think that the plane is landing on water.Of course , it isn't ..

maldives from the plane view7.jpg

That tiny island that you see in this photo was Male, the capital city of the Maldives. It is also one of the most densely populated cities in the world.

maldives from the plane view8.jpg

I remembered I was so stoked to see the view from the plane ,only to realise the sight of the water when we came out of the airport building was as amazing in real life. Jumping in joy!

These photos are colour corrected but I promise promise you that you won't get disappointed!

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Thanks for sharing!! Your pictures look so amazing! Love the view from the window of airplane.


Wow! So blue! Enjoy your time there 😀


argh.. It was from a year ago.. wish I was there though.


Such an amazing view!


yes.. one of the best I have ever seen.

What an amazing view

wow! this is soo beautiful view sister, Amazing place Maldives
Enjoy your life like this ;)

Maldivian city is very nice to see, from the air, the city is looking very small, thanks to you, if you did not post these beautiful pictures, then we would not have seen so beautiful.

·'s a very small city!

Natural air and blue and attitude of the wind, nature, and that passion, influence to have

Wow those are some special looking islands. I've seen a lot of islands from the sky, but never one's that looked like that. Incredible. Thanks for sharing. -Dan


that's a lot! I wanna visit to all those beautiful islands at least ..

Wow, this turquoise is amazing! Great shots!


thanks a lot! it is amaing

The view is really awesome . It's also beautiful from the plane. I liked the photos very much. And you too look pretty.


Look like tou going to have great time down there
Looking forward to your next posts from there


I had a great time there.. photos from previous travel!

Thank you for sharing your journey with me. It was a nice ride, with sunny weather and a sea so blue. Very beautiful view.


thank you for visiting .. was lucky we had great weather!

Yes the real beauty of blue ocean can be witness in day-time. Thanks for sharing your journey pics of Maldives. 👌


recently most cheap flights from singapore are all arrived at night .. so we were lucky! thank u

What an orgasmic view.. Literally.


yes! out of this world

Indeed, it is a wonderful view. I want to go to Maldives :D


maldives is heaven on earth... you must visit one day.


I really like the plane. I've flown by plane from Jakarta - Medan


I don't like flying if honest.. I have plan to visit Medan , there is one beautiful lake near medan that I want to visit.


Welcome. Lake Toba name

I am in love with those awesome veiws. 😍


I love them too

wow, Maldives looking beautiful! I love your post and how beautiful the photos were. l also wanna to go there :(
Thanks for sharing with us those beautiful photos.


thank you for visiting

that is like an imaginary world
view from plane is breathtaking


it was amazing..

Thank you!
Even though we have not been there at least we already know the place through the post
Thank you @aburmeseabroad, Upvoted!


thank you and appreciate your support!

WOW blue water and amazing views. Enjoy it.


thanks a lot.

wow, that looks so wonderful place thank you very much for share it with us. I'm thinking about traveling to Male, Maldives. I hope i will do it soon.


I hope you get to visit there very soon , it is my no 1 fav place in the world..

I falled in love your pictures dear. The nature is fascinating. You look like enjoyed a lot from your trip.

The city of Maldives is very beautiful, but I have never seen Maldives over so much, I have never been on the plane without any day, I want to see, too,


I hope u can visit one day. but now I hope u enjoy the photos

Maldives is such a beautiful country. You shared a beautiful pic. Deep blue water is looking awesome. Love to visit Maldives. Thanks for sharing @aburmeseabroad

Wowwwwwww!! It looks like an artwork! Omg, please bring me there please huhuhu

Maldives from the plane window seat loking so beautiful and also one of the best sky travel photography and capital city of the Maldives.thanks for share


Resteem done

Awesome !!! Great views from the flight :) :)