Life update

in travel •  7 months ago

Dear my steemit friends,

I’m sure all of you have noticed I have been on and off from steemit for a while .. and I feel like I want to let you all know about my life update and how I want to continue in steemit. So if you are interested or just curious, please keep on reading.

If you have been following me for awhile , or give upvotes and comments continuously and generously , I want you to know that I appreciate them all..

If u knew me for a while, u might probably know that I used to upload almost once a day.. also if u have wondered on my profile and clicked on the link on my profile , you might also know that I also run an Instagram and Facebook page that are the same name as aburmeseabroad..

Go say hi there at ( not creepy private messages though, I swear internet is full of them)

I think I have pretty decent success in across all these social media accounts , but at the same time I realise it has been so much hard work.Im someone who wants everything to be perfect in my own ways and creating contents and writing has been incredibly stressful although I do find them joyful doing at the same time.

With my full time job, I was choosing, editing photos,writing and all of these social media work differently and I have tried to post on what works for them..not to mention, I wasn’t taking care of my physical and mental health that also came with it, too much Long hours on computes, on phones or trying to ignore the pain from the break up with the love of my life.

Anyway, with steemit .. if you are kind of new, let me break it down for you.. steemit is very much like business and it’s not easy to make money here as you would like..I had been lucky with occasional upvotes and I do think I kind of add value to the readers who read .. at least!

But what keep me on continuing is I really love the steemit community. And truly appreciate all the support from here.

Anyway, enough with the excuses!

I still really want to be a full time steemians one day.. hopefully steemit will go mainstream , but I certainly think there should have some changes in the platform if they Want to attract more loyal users? But i will be still be writing here.. I have decided that i will post once a week regularly ( on Every Monday ) and the rest of the week, checking out the posts from the rest of you.

I also really want to start posting more videos.. so let me know in the comment if you Like that ..

Thank you for making it until the end. Have a wonderful day from wherever you are..


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Great thought @aburmeseabroad... I think , you can complain for those problem in steemit support team. They could take it.They could take action for it.

welcome back.
we will make steemit great together.

Greetings from the caribbean

wecome back @aburmeseabroad
And we make steemit full neat and clean together

Hey nice to see you again
Yeah you have been going on and off I realize that.
Yeah same is to me that I want to make everything perfect in my way but I'm new so I'm learning from you people. Yes hoped someday steem becomes most popular in the world.

So good ro have you back looking forward to you next posts

So beautyful post

Beautiful writing with great picture.☺

You have been a regular, so no complaints there. As far as a break is concerned, it always good as it refreshes you. A brief break will not harm you as long as it doesn't make you lazy. About the rest, I know that you are very good at your work and therefore, will find a way towards success in days to come. May God bless you. And looking forward for your work in coming days. Thank you.

I'm really pleased that you have shared yourself with us like a friend. I prospect you will be a most successful steemian as you are so friendly. We are always with you and i hope we can make the steemit community as one of the biggest social platform.

i love travel.your blog is really very great

Meh, I find it healthier to take a break when necessary.
To engage with the Steemit community takes consistent effort and time, which is tricky to get these days.

This is a very nice pleace,sir,,,,,,,,,,,,,
it is a Amazing pleace for travel and your photography is really great...

maybe every decision has a reason, and the reason is only yourself who knows, others do not need to know and will not know.

Everyone's life has to be tailored to their own. This poster is very beautiful in the post of your grandfather, I would like to go

life update, people have to make a lot of efforts to get the people to make a living, and we all have to take care of who we are all about in our own life. Thank you very much like JOSANA

wow what a news.welcome back now get your work done continoue.I support you

I hope you will never stop at Steemit. You are a kind person who always appreciates us small steemians. More than that I always wait for your latest post.

You must take care of your health first @aburmeseabroad
I know over use of social-media and content creation can take a lot of physical health. But now you can be careful.
Also, its nice to see your post weekly!!
Take care!

Hi, my dear!

I really love the steemit community too and I appreciate your work. I support you and I wish you success in the future. Hugs

Everything in nature is different, just like to see,
this future prediction about life is all the target group.

I always been so amazed with your posts. Starting from the photos and the journey that you are taking care of. And yeah, it's a bit strange that you had posted once in a week since we were used to see your posts almost everyday. Anyways, goodluck to you and more power! :)

yes I understand your situation now, I want you to keep working in steemit, for me you good people let them so not our origin, in the life of the problem always trailing us ealau where we are okey?